Native Scales Retail Reach with Walmart

Patrycja Malinowska
Director, Member Content, P2PI
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Walmart began stocking Procter & Gamble's Native deodorant this year, adding an option to its lineup that is free of parabens and aluminum.

The brand is now available at most U.S. Walmart stores in a variety of classic scents. The mass merchant also received an exclusive at retail: a "powder & cotton" scent.

Walmart first announced the addition of Native deodorants to its assortment with a home page carousel ad in February. The deodorants were also highlighted with a "new" burst in a March circular feature corralling natural personal care products.

In stores, single and multi-pack SKUs are stocked in line. Single SKUs also earn secondary merchandising space on a custom endcap display or on a sidekick, both touting the brand's more than 5,000 five-star customer reviews.

P&G bought its way into the natural deodorant category with its 2017 purchase of Native, fueling the direct-to-consumer, online-only brand that launched in 2015 with additional resources for scalability.

Native products first gained a retail footprint when they rolled out to Target stores in 2018 and are now among the top-selling deodorant lines at the mass merchant. Following the initial launch with deodorant, Target also has added Native bar soap, body wash and men's deodorant to its assortment.

"Historically, Target is the one building brands. They did it with Harry's, they are doing it with Quip and they invested in Casper. But Walmart has insane reach," Native founder and chief executive officer Moiz Ali told Digiday Media's Glossy. "They may have been slower to make the shift to direct-to-consumer brands, but they are moving quickly. They want to see Native become a hero brand in their stores, and their reach gives us more awareness."

This year, Walmart also has launched two exclusive personal care brands with P&G: Joy and Just.

Meanwhile, Native continues innovating online, adding toothpaste and teen deodorant to the products available on its website ( as well as the ability to order a customized deodorant scent by answering "a brief series of questions to understand your personality so we can create a custom scent made just for you," according to the site.

Despite the expansion of its retail footprint, the brand still earns more than 50% of its revenue through direct-to-consumer sales, Ali told Glossy, but it is looking at other retailer opportunities.