SE Grocers Doubles Down on Omnichannel Marketing

Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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As part of Southeastern Grocers’ digital transformation, the retailer is deepening its relationship with UK-based marketing technology company Eagle Eye Solutions and Ecrebo, a POS receipt marketing tech company, to bolster its omnichannel marketing capabilities.

Eagle Eye, which helps retailers create one-to-one connections with shoppers, will help SE Grocers gain shopper data efficiently and use it to create more revenue opportunities, decrease marketing costs and incentivize shopper loyalty, according to a recent press release on the new partnership.

In late 2019, SE Grocers tapped Eagle Eye to expand its media channels, shopper loyalty and CPG promotions and enlisted Ecrebo to take full control of its paper and digital receipt communications.

"What started as an initial strategy to improve our coupon marketing has evolved into a much larger and comprehensive strategy to become digitally connected with customers, better understand behaviors across different channels, and be able to serve each customer individually with the right offers and content," said Adam Kirk, senior vice president of marketing at Southeastern Grocers, in the release.

SE Grocers will rely on Eagle Eye's AIR Platform to help its banners (i.e. Winn-Dixie, Harveys, Fresco y Mas and the retailer’s remaining Bi-Lo stores) reach and interact with new shoppers, collect data across touchpoints, and retain and reward shoppers based on their habits. The data from all of SE Grocers’ existing loyalty programs including shoppers’ records will be stored in a central hub to offer a comprehensive view of each shopper, with real-time performance data applicable to campaigns.

“Grocery chains have been challenged by siloed data and marketing channels, limited visibility of customers, missed opportunities to generate more revenue across media channels, and inability to drive transactional loyalty at scale,” Anthony Stevenson, international new business director at Eagle Eye told the Path to Purchase Institute. “Creating a single view of each customer in Eagle Eye’s AIR Platform solves for these challenges.”

In addition, Eagle Eye will enable nine media channels that can also be monetized. Stevenson told the Institute those channels would include digital in-store media, direct mail, digital coupons, receipt coupons as well as targeted email for new and existing SEG customers, connected-shelf digital coupons, off-property paid media and on-property paid media. The last five will roll out over the next few months.


“It’s important for grocers to understand their customer in more detail, so they can offer them discounts and rewards on products they like, which ultimately builds great affinity with the brand,” Stevenson added. “By rewarding customers with relevant offers, grocers can drive additional trips to their stores and larger baskets at checkout.”

Stevenson highlighted that this information is also valuable to CPG brands that don’t have a direct connection to shoppers. “CPG brands are increasingly supplementing their data sets with shopper data from grocery stores. These specific insights lead to more effective advertising, because the CPG brand has a deeper understanding of consumer buying patterns. In turn, this presents an untapped revenue opportunity for grocers.”

Receipt coupons were the first media channel that went live last month as Ecrebo (with help from Eagle Eye) began providing SE Grocers with a comprehensive receipt marketing communications solution using its light-touch POS software that also allows brands to promote their products to more consumers and target different shopper segments.

The retailer also works with News America Marketing and dunnhumby on omnichannel solutions.


Other Recent Moves

In related activity, SE Grocers recently updated its digital circulars, powered by Flipp, to allow skimming by scrolling down vertically rather than virtually flipping through page by page horizontally. Clicking a feature now opens additional details to the right of the circular. The retailer also introduced a new Coupon Kiosk in its stores, allowing shoppers across banners to scan a personalized code on respective chain mobile apps or enter a phone number at the kiosk, print personalized coupons and shop the discounts. Most recently, Winn-Dixie was the first banner to debut an updated website that fully supports online shopping and digital coupons, even integrating its own Instagram feed on the home page.