Five All-Time Great Retail Programs Unveiled at P2PX 2019

To recognize the 25th anniversary of its Design of the Times Awards program, Path to Purchase Institute joined with MarketingLab to select the “Best of the Best” in-store marketing campaigns of the last quarter-century. The winners were unveiled this month at the Path to Purchase Expo in Chicago.

Institute editors worked with panelists from MarketingLab’s SellCheck marketing evaluation service to re-examine the annual “Best of the Times” award winners through the years (along with several other noteworthy campaigns) to select five “Best of the Best” finalists that they felt accurately represented world-class in-store marketing. One of the key considerations was how well the programs adhered to the “4 C’s of Effective Activation” that MarketingLab devised specifically for use in judging the DOT Awards back in 2010.

The partners then held another vote to select one overall “Best of All Times” winner that truly exemplified the presence a brand can establish, and the success it can have, in the retail environment. 

The winner was the “Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics Kiosk," an interactive display created in 2006 to help Schering-Plough bring a new line of customized Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts to market. The display won “Best of the Times” honors in 2007. Originally produced by Mechtronics (which went out of business several years ago), the display is now manufactured by Trans World Marketing.

The Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotics Kiosk at CVS, 2019

Although Schering-Plough originally rolled out just 150 units to help launch the product line, the interactive display — which helped shoppers determine which of 14 SKUs best suited their unique needs — has since become ubiquitous at retail, with thousands of units featured prominently across leading drug and mass chains. Delivering far more than just a secondary merchandising opportunity, the kiosk has been an integral aspect of Dr. Scholl’s business plan.

The other four finalists are presented below. Members of the Path to Purchase Institute can read the original DOT entries for all five finalists, along with additional information about all of the programs by clicking on the appropriate links. An audio-enabled version of the P2PX awards presentation will be available soon.

The 2020 Design of the Times Awards program will kick off on Dec. 4. Visit the official DOT website for more information.

Program Name: Wonka Rolling Endcap
Brand: Wonka
Company: Nestle 
P-O-P Producer: RockTenn (now WestRock)
Award: Best of the Times 2010

Program Name: SmartCycle A/C Powered Endcap
Brand: SmartCycle
Company: Fisher-Price
P-O-P Producer: Darko Inc.
Award: Best of the Times 2008

Program Name: Stella Artois Holiday Door
Brand: Stella Artois
Company: AB InBev
P-O-P Producer: Rapid Displays
Award: Best of the Times 2018

Program Name: LG Best Buy TV Experience Wall
Brand: LG OLED
Company: LG Electronics
P-O-P Producer: Design Phase
Award: Best of the Times 2016