Profile: Sarita Finnie, VP, Omnichannel Marketing, Bayer Consumer Health

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Sarita Finnie is a CPG brand marketer at heart. Her career has spanned every color of the marketing rainbow — from local to global roles, to brand building to heavy P&L/profit management roles — ranging from relaunching businesses to creating brands from scratch. Omnichannel marketing was the next frontier to get closer to the customer and shopper, and develop new ways to convert with omni-oriented digital programs.

How has your team’s responsibilities changed due to the pandemic?

Finnie: Our omnichannel marketing efforts have changed significantly since the start of the pandemic. From an in-store focus to a full omni focus, from traditional shopper and promotion tactics to a big focus on retailer media.

What is your team’s best accomplishment this year so far?

Finnie: Transforming our organization remotely. We have modernized omni efforts in consumer promotion, shopper, customer marketing and category management, always with the shopper at the heart of our efforts.

What’s the biggest challenge your team has faced during this pandemic?

Finnie: I’ll pick two: Navigating the new world of retailer media, and revising our new item launch toolkit so that it can fit today’s shopper.

What is the future of shopper marketing?

Finnie: Differentiated brands serving unmet needs have the right to break through. But mastering the evolving marketplace is increasingly important as the role of the store changes, as e-commerce models become de facto ways of shopping and as omnichannel friction continues to decline.