Profile: Natalie Benoit, Shopper Marketing Senior Manager, GE Appliances (a Haier Co.)

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How has your team’s skills developed during the pandemic?

Benoit: Flexibility and clear communication have become even more important skills within our team. We’ve had to become better communicators with our retailers, too. Not only transparency around changing inventory and promotions, but with more routine aspects of the job like virtual presentations. When you can’t be in person, you have to showcase your commitment, energy and passion in other ways.

What is your team’s best accomplishment for this year so far?

Benoit: This year we’ve found ways to be successful within the shifting shopper landscape. We’ve grown online sales, invested in the omnichannel shopper journey and found ways to support our retail partners playing to their strengths. This has driven stronger customer relationships, sales and share gains.

What’s the biggest opportunity your team has during this pandemic?

Benoit: The biggest opportunity during the pandemic has been winning online retail. We know the shift in online versus in-store purchasing has staying power. We have worked to prioritize the digital shelf not only out of necessity during the pandemic, but also knowing that these investments will serve as a jumping-off point as we continue to improve and grow.

What is the future of shopper marketing?

Benoit: The future of shopper marketing means more personalization, better attribution and a more cohesive experience in-store and online. The most successful shopper marketers will offer an integrated omnichannel shopping experience targeted to specific shopper needs with actionable KPIs and learnings to drive timely improvements to ongoing initiatives.