Profile: Barbara Hennessey, Commercial Marketing Manager, Heineken USA

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Profile: Barbara Hennessey, Commercial Marketing Manager, Heineken USA

By Erika Flynn - 11/13/2017

Barbara Hennessey started her career at Heineken USA in 2005 as an administrative assistant on the national account team. From there she moved into management roles in planning and development, merchandising and shopper marketing, gaining the skills and insights necessary to take her to the next level while always learning from those around her and working to add value in her current endeavor. She is one of three Women of Excellence honorees in the “Collaboration” category.

What are your current responsibilities?

Hennessey: To develop fully channel-specific, on-premise programs that influence consumers before they choose the venue; motivate them to choose Heineken USA products when at the point-of-purchase; engage and entertain them while on-site; and then have them re-engage with the brand to build product affinity and lifetime loyalty. These programs are built to show true partnership and value to a customer by being attentive to its needs. I also work on initiatives that can help our sales team, distributors and others by providing selling tools and resources that will help grow their business every day.

How important is collaboration to your daily work?

Hennessey: To achieve the most effective results, collaboration within any organization is essential. Identifying the unique strengths of each constituent and using teammates to work toward a common goal will always produce better results than individual effort and self-reliance. Collaboration is crucial in my day-to-day work, helping me appreciate and leverage the variety of skills that come together to create best-in-class results.

How does it help you do your job better?

Hennessey: It helps me deliver a comprehensive, fully integrated national but locally customizable program solution. This ensures that the target consumer receives a consistent, recognizable and memorable brand experience, and also allows our customers the best possible program and experience for their consumers.

What motivates you most in terms of the shopping experience?

Hennessey: Providing solutions that delight the consumer and enhance the shopping experience keeps me fully engaged and rewarded; creating lasting impressions that resonate with the consumer in a way that is personal, meaningful and memorable. I want someone to think of how a Heineken USA brand and our retail partners have improved the shopping experience and optimized the path to purchase.

What do you look forward to in your work?

Hennessey: The increased focus on the shopper, and the customized ways we can reach and motivate the right person at the right time. To deliver a message that will make their day better or provide an enhanced shopping experience is a special feeling. Technology and data allow us to know the patterns, the location, the frequency and searches of millions of people in nearly real time. Being able to use that information in a way that can serve shoppers – and make their daily lives easier and more fulfilling – is what excites me most.