A Preview of Future Forward

Introducing our brand-new, in-person conference experience, May 16-19 in Chicago

The Path to Purchase Institute’s new in-person event, Future Forward, will take place May 16-19, 2022, at the Sheraton Grand Riverwalk in Chicago.

Future Forward will focus on demystifying the new consumer in a world forever changed, and will look at how, where and why consumers shop, as well as the implications this has on brands and businesses — with tangible takeaways to enact change.

This immersive event experience will serve as an incubator for innovation, gathering together a think tank of industry executives, leaders and visionaries in omnicommerce marketing.

Designed to re-inspire, reinvigorate and reconnect the industry, Future Forward will feature a session lineup of fresh voices and perspectives as well as unique networking opportunities — including an interactive discussion-focused roundtable, off-site personal enrichment activities and a celebration for our Hall of Fame inductees and inaugural 40 Under 40 Awards winners.

Here’s a small sampling of the inspiring and insightful speakers on the agenda:

What’s In Store for the 2020s: 5 Macro Trends that will Shape the Consumers, Culture and Retail In the Next Decade

Speaker: Lucie Greene, Founder, Light Years

Greene will give a future forecast that explores key macro trends that will shape the way consumers think, connect, shop and appraise brands in the years to come.

The Next Era of Commerce

Speakers: Emily Safian-Demers, Editor, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence; Ryan Mullins, Chief Executive Officer, Aglet; Matt Cleary, Director of U.S. Retail, Global Business Solutions, TikTok

Cleary and Mullins will join Safian-Demers for a discussion on the emerging trends that will define the next era of commerce, including livestreamed retail, social commerce and the metaverse.

Gen Z: Society’s Change Agents and the Accelerators of “Next”

Speaker: Alison Embrey Medina, Strategic Program Manager, Consumer Industries, EY

The majority of today’s businesses are about to be blindsided. While companies remain focused on the youth of America based on what they think they know about Millennials, they are missing the massive sociocultural shift underway that will impact their strategy and growth plans for years to come.

4 Consumer Psychology Myths That Undermine Retail Strategies

Speaker: Dr. Chris Gray, Founder, The Buycologist

Building success in the future starts with a clear and honest assessment of the insights that fuel our strategies and tactics today. The surest way to be certain these efforts are relevant, engaging and effectively motivating purchase behavior is through continuously updating what we know about shoppers and their decision-making processes. In this thought-provoking presentation, Gray will challenge you to think differently about consumer behavior and shopper insights.

Igniting Human Connection via Experience

Speakers: Samar Younes,Founder and Executive Creative Director (Samaritual) and Executive Creative Director (Showfields), Samaritual and Showfields; Toby Barnes, Experience Design Leader; Heather Dale, Nike

We are moving into a phase of retail where “inspiring human connection” is key to connecting with future consumers. As the need for human connection gains momentum in this digitally focused era, how are brands and retailers reshaping their physical and digital experiences to meet the new consumer’s needs? YourStudio Founder Tom Philipson will be exploring this trend with a panel of retail and brand innovators who will share their strategies for igniting human connection with next-gen experiences across the path to purchase.

For more information and to register, visit the Future Forward event website.