P2PI Member Spotlight: VizSense

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P2PI Member Spotlight: VizSense

By Path to Purchase Institute Staff - 09/01/2019
P2PI offers us a way to stay current on emerging trends & engage with the brightest minds & thought leaders in the shopper marketing industry. We're truly impressed with the networking, workshops & events that the P2PI membership has afforded us thus far.
Jon Iadonisi , VizSense Founder and CEO
Jon Iadonisi of VizSense

Your website – vizsense.com – says “VizSense is part science and part social.” Can you explain what that means? 

IADONISI: We believe that today’s marketers must understand consumer data (science) and how to properly distribute it via social channels (where, when and how). This is easier said than done due to the number of ineffective tools, dashboards and marketplaces saturating the industry. Everything we do at VizSense is rooted in scientific and social principles as evidenced by our detailed research, campaign execution and lessons learned. Our proprietary technologies and methodologies enable us to dominate these two dimensions by delivering highly effective and scalable influencer campaigns that really benefit the shopper marketing teams of our clients.

How does your company use its P2PI membership?

IADONISI: VizSense strives to be more than an influencer agency to our clients. We co-labor with our customers to be a resource for insights and strategy, new capabilities and brainstorms – all focused on them winning. To do this we ensure our team stays current on trends in data analytics, digital marketing and shopper marketing. P2PI offers us a way to stay current on emerging trends and engage with the brightest minds and thought leaders in the shopper marketing industry. We are truly impressed with the networking, workshops and events that the P2PI membership has afforded us thus far and are looking forward to building new relationships within this community.

What are the latest disruptors most affecting your industry now?

IADONISI: I believe analytics and reporting are currently the biggest disrupters in the industry. The days of brands spending money on elaborate marketing campaigns with little to no return on ad spend are numbered. Decision makers are being held more accountable for immediate results. There is a need for agencies that can execute impactful campaigns, driving results and providing analytics that are used to drive scalable strategies. We analyze data throughout all phases of our campaigns and garner actionable insights benefitting our partners’ future campaigns and strategy. To do so, it takes collaboration across multiple teams (brand, shopper, digital), open mindedness, and a willingness to think outside the box and take chances on new strategies.

Immediately, during and following our first national push using VizSense, the social conversations about Waterloo completely took off and have not let up since.
Brandon Cason , Waterloo Sparkling Water Founder

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What are your predictions for the future of marketing, and how will you help your clients navigate it? 

IADONISI: Marketing will become more specialized, more niche and more targeted. We believe this complements our focus on nano and micro influencers as well as our technology to specifically target the right consumer. Furthermore, niche marketing companies like ours are more efficient, agile and can pivot seamlessly because we run everything turnkey. Most of our clients appreciate the fact that 100% of our robust campaigns are executed with our own trained analysts and technology. This allows all the benefit to be carried over to the client instead of having to dilute workflow and funding across several different agencies like PR, media buying and creative. As influencer marketing continues to mature, our streamlined structure and technology will enable us to rapidly scale and continuously evolve ahead of the consumer.

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