P2PI Member Spotlight: The IMAGINE Group

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P2PI Member Spotlight: The IMAGINE Group

By Institute staff - 03/20/2019
We plan to leverage our P2PI membership by utilizing the available tools, expertise and experience to guide development of strategies and solutions that will improve our clients’ return on visual communications.
John Hans , The IMAGINE Group CEO
John Hans, The IMAGINE Group CEO
John Hans, The IMAGINE Group CEO

Your website – theimaginegroup.com – says "The IMAGINE Group is a family of 5 companies." Can you explain what that means?

HANS: The IMAGINE Group delivers unique and customized solutions through its family of five companies: Imagine! Print Solutions, Classic Graphics, Imagine! Express, Midnight Oil Agency and GFX International. Together we bring visual communications expertise, technology, geographic reach and competitive advantages for our clients. We are strategic allies for them. In addition, our state-of-the-art technology enables highly efficient marketing campaign development and management, promotion planning, digital asset management, store profiling, replenishment or fulfillment, and data analytics. These capabilities drive solutions that address marketers’ common struggles, such as inflexible processes, supply chain complexities, slow campaign change or response times, and high in-store labor costs.

How does your company plan to use (or how has it used) your P2PI membership resources?

HANS: We plan to leverage our P2PI membership by utilizing the available tools, expertise and experience to guide development of strategies and solutions that will improve our clients’ return on visual communications along the entire path to purchase. Internally, P2PI offers us insights from in-market examples of successful campaigns and promotional executions by leading brands and retailers. For our clients, we will share shopper and consumer trends that will be key to helping optimize their in-store visual communications platform to ensure effective message delivery while utilizing the most efficient mix of P-O-P marketing elements.

What are the latest disruptors most affecting your industry now?

HANS: As marketers work to integrate digital with physical media, and online with offline experiences, a holistic approach is key. The most effective disruptors in our industry are brands getting this balance right. Whether it’s disrupting the eye care industry (Warby Parker) or the shaving and grooming category (Harry’s), once digitally native brands are now delivering a consistent brand and promotional experience seamlessly across all shopping and communication channels. To succeed, today’s industry disruptors are masters at data capture and consumer behavior measurement. With the latest SaaS platforms and IoT sensor technologies, innovative retailers and brands are able to understand in-store shoppers and instantly deliver highly tailored experiences and personalized messaging that increase sales and brand loyalty. This ensures that they exceed consumer expectations and drive outcomes that in turn improve brand loyalty and conversion. The most innovative retail marketing solution suppliers bring a broad technology platform to support this seamless brand and message delivery.  From multi-platform asset management to hyper-localization of P-O-P, today’s leading marketers and retailers require both the insights and the shopper behavior measurement that supports a segmentation and message delivery to their target consumers.

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What are your predictions for the future of marketing, and how will you help your clients navigate it?

HANS: The most successful future marketers will fully integrate above the line brand and below the line retail/shopper marketing to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing spend. Our clients’ ability to measure their return on visual communications is critical to them understanding what’s working and how to better optimize marketing efforts, but they are consistently met with two critical challenges. First, executing a successful marketing campaign typically requires working with multiple vendors. This results in loss of speed to market, wasteful spending and less effective campaigns. Second, most campaigns aren’t being optimized for their end destination. They are one-size-fits-all, running similarly across all locations regardless of geography, store type or shopper demographic. There is no hyper-localization. No optimized creative. No data-driven strategy. The result is sub-optimized communications investment with a brand message that isn’t tailored to the target consumer. At The IMAGINE group, we offer broad technology platforms, measurement capabilities and shopper insights that are answering these questions for our clients. This holistic approach helps our clients optimize their visual communications platforms, drive positive consumer outcomes and deliver significant improvements in their return on visual communications.