Old Spice Goes Wild with Snapchat at Walmart

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Procter & Gamble's Old Spice is using Snapchat codes from social media company Snap to give shoppers an augmented reality experience within store aisles.

In Walmart stores, an endcap display stocking Old Spice body spray, lotion and body wash communicates the brand’s “Smell Ready for Anything” tagline while depicting a Snapchat code (although the code was placed in a position that allowed it to be obscured by product, as was the case in one location visited by a Path to Purchase Institute editor). Shoppers can scan the code using the Snapchat mobile application to unlock augmented reality experiences based on Old Spice’s “Wild,” “Fiji,” “Swagger,” and “Dynasty” collections featuring corresponding settings such as a beach or field of flowers, and encounters with Isaiah Mustafa, the star of the brand’s TV spots. The Snapchat code has also appeared on displays at Meijer and H-E-B, according to Adweek.

Old Spice previously collaborated with Walmart during the 2020 holiday season, when it gave the retailer an exclusive launch window for the "Bearglove" and "Krakengard" scents from the brand's redesigned wild collection. SKUs within the collection came with on-pack Snapchat codes that shoppers could scan to unlock an AR experience for each of the seven characters and scents associated with the line.

"Old Spice understands the power of discovery," Snap creative strategist Jazmin Burrell said in a statement to Adweek. "As a brand, it is not afraid to take risks and explore innovation while staying true to its iconic identity — and we wanted to bring that same essence of discovery to life through AR on Snapchat.”

Walmart also received exclusive, limited-edition Old Spice deodorant holders depicting the Bearglove and Krakengard characters. The brand promoted the SKUs last year with a sweepstakes awarding a grand-prize “man cave” package including a 75-inch TV, pool table and sound bar. A corresponding instant-win game awarded prizes including the deodorant holders, body spray, or branded socks. The entry page linked to a page to purchase the deodorant holders on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter updates promoted the sweeps and positioned the holders as holiday gifts.

P&G has been in the process of redesigning much of its packaging with an eye towards sustainability. Refillable cases and SKUs packaged in recyclable paper tubes from Old Spice and Secret rolled out to Walmart, Target and CVS in February.