Oikos Campaign Sings Praises of Fruit-Filled Greek Yogurt

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Oikos is singing the brand story of its new yogurt, which features 50% more fruit, in its new “Karaoke” campaign. In supporting TV spots, a woman expresses her longing for Oikos Blended Greek Nonfat Yogurt in a karaoke-club performance with revised lyrics to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”

“We wanted to lead in re-energizing the Greek segment by exciting Millennials with a truly disruptive offering,” said Surbhi Martin, vice president of Greek Yogurt and Functional Nutrition for Danone North America. “We conducted a major study with Kantar to explore the consumer relationship with the yogurt category and found that Millennials simply weren’t as excited about it. New Oikos Blended Yogurt was crafted to help break the boredom of ‘healthy eating’ and design a product that enables more joyful taste experiences.”

Although Danone North America holds 32.6% market share in the yogurt segment, it was seeing the category overall underperforming with Millennials seeking new and interesting taste experiences. “We decided to do something about it by creating a yogurt with 50% more fruit [than previous Oikos yogurts] and an over-the-top creamy texture,” Martin said. “Our Oikos Blended line is so thick and fruit-filled we are calling it a ‘Forkable’ yogurt.”

To support the launch, the brand created a 360-degree omnichannel marketing campaign aimed at attracting Millennials back to the Greek yogurt segment. Targeted programmatic display banners clearly communicated the new products’ benefits and linked to digital offers or to a shoppable page where consumers could easily add the products to their carts. Ads also encouraged shoppers to add the products to their digital shopping lists. And push notifications were delivered to in-store shoppers via their mobile device as they entered retail locations to drive them to the yogurt aisle and seek out the new Oikos products.

The brand also partnered on several retailer-specific activations. For Kroger, this included pre-shop digital awareness through Kroger’s platform one month before the launch. In stores, shoppers were targeted with digital coupons, bunker displays with header cards, sampling, shelf talks and discovery demos in all Kroger stores from June 2021 through November. Out of stores, shoppers were targeted with display ads, boosted search and targeted on- and offsite ads driving people to Kroger.

Oikos partnered with Walmart Connect in July to launch the new SKUs using a combination of search with high-reach and targeted ad placements throughout the Walmart.com ecosystem. Pinterest and offsite displays drove shoppers to an Oikos Blended shelf page for purchase. Oikos was also featured in two homepage lockouts on Walmart.com in September.

At Albertsons Cos., the product appeared in stores with “New Item” tags for priority shelf presence and to communicate the brand message of “The Creamy One with the Fruit Chunks.” In Meijer, the brand drove in-store visibility with specific shelf signage calling out an Mperks offer of 65 cents off. And at Wakefern, the brand focused on in-store demo sampling events along with dedicated endcap and cooler displays.

Oikos launched the product in stores in June 2021, and rolled out a fully integrated marketing program in August across TV/FEP, online video, public relations and search designed to convey the key benefits of big fruit flavor, creamy texture and product desirability. The “Karaoke” ad spots debuted in September with other campaign elements running through November.

“We’re still evaluating metrics to determine ROI, but our campaign was robust and truly allowed Oikos to stand out in the Greek yogurt category with bold, desirable assets and storytelling throughout the path to purchase,” Martin said.

The launch represented one of the brand’s largest since the launch of Oikos Triple Zero in 2015. It leveraged learnings from Danone’s Two Good yogurt launch in 2019, including the importance of targeted marketing efforts with product-centric messages.

Success for the campaign will be measured by increased Oikos brand and product awareness along with a rise in sales, increased trial, and in-store and online consumer engagement.