GSK Dispenses Mobile Oral Advice at Walmart

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GSK Dispenses Mobile Oral Advice at Walmart

By Patrycja Malinowska - 07/30/2018
GSK Oral Advisor Shelf Trays Walmart

GSK is helping Walmart shoppers choose the right toothpaste with a custom "Oral Advisor" mobile tool delivered at the shelf.

In stores, the manufacturer's toothpaste earns secondary merchandising on a split endcap shared with Johnson & Johnson's Listerine and outfitted with a tooth-shaped header inviting shoppers to "find the product that fits your needs." Shelf trays each stocking a specific GSK brand pose queries prompting a shopper to choose the related product:

  • "Does cold hurt your teeth?" for Sensodyne
  • "Bleed when you brush or floss?" for Paradontax  
  • "Drink juice, wine or soda?" for Sensodyne Pronamel

Danglers extend the experience to social media, inviting shoppers to search for @OralAdvisor via Facebook Messenger for personalized toothpaste recommendation.­­­

A custom animation shared by Los Angeles-based production company Flip Art Media summarizes the concept (see video below), citing a driving insight indicating 48% of health-minded shoppers are willing to pay more for the best product but need help finding it and knowing it's the right product. The animation indicated shoppers can also access the Oral Advisor bot by scanning a QR code or clicking on supporting Facebook ads. Upon activation, users answer a series of questions to determine which oral condition they're likely suffering from to receive a brand recommendation, access educational content and read consumer reviews. 

The effort also benefits from FSI support. GSK on July 8 ran a co-op FSI promoting the Oral Advisor and posing the same questions as the in-store display. On March 11, Sensodyne ran a pair of co-op FSIs promoting its Rapid Relief and Pronamel products. The latter depicted a barcode consumers could scan with the Walmart mobile application to access the product and related items on or find them at the nearest store.

GSK also has worked with other retailers on different iterations of the concept. An account-specific endcap display spotted at Walgreens in April spotlighted the same toothpaste brands plus Biotene mouth rinse, similarly directing shoppers to a particular brand based on the oral condition they want to address. A March 11 co-op FSI for Meijer also paired up conditions with appropriate products while dangling $5 off the purchase of $25 worth of GSK products.

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