CVS Refocuses Deodorant Aisle on Natural Brands

Jacqueline Barba
Associate Editor, Path to Purchase Institute
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CVS Pharmacy recently gave its deodorant aisle a minor facelift that elevates natural and organic brands as the retailer continues focusing on wellness trends and expanding its better-for-you offerings.

Select stores have introduced a unique, rotating shelf unit positioned in a small recessed area that allows the display to command attention by reaching across two shelves in the middle of the deodorant aisle. The multi-brand display stocks natural and organic deodorants from Colgate-Palmolive's Tom’s of Maine and Unilever’s Schmidt’s. The two-level display merchandises multiple scents from each brand and employs messaging like “Our passion is natural” on the Tom’s-branded level, while the Schmidt’s level positions its SKUs as vegan and free from aluminum and artificial fragrances. Meanwhile, six scents of Procter & Gamble’s Native deodorant are merchandised right above the display, next to a vertical, branded shelf blocker.

To the right of the rotating display, branded shelf strips identify P&G’s Gillette and Old Spice deodorant and antiperspirant SKUs for men on the top shelf. To the left of the rotating display, shelf strips identify P&G’s Secret and Unilever’s Dove SKUs for women, including Secret's relatively new essential oils collection (which, like Native, first launched exclusively at Target). 

In addition, many stores also host branded violators from News America Marketing's SmartSource promoting deodorant SKUs typically from Unilever or P&G in the aisle. The Path to Purchase has also spotted branded floorstands or racks stocking natural deodorant SKUs from brands such as Native throughout stores from time to time. 

Within, the drugstore chain is also calling out natural deodorants by including a "Natural Deodorants" category in the "Deodorant & Antiperspirant" shop that links to a dedicated e-commerce page corralling qualifying SKUs. The bottom of the page additionally details the benefits of using natural deodorant, what the process of transitioning is like and other information to help shoppers choose the right brand/SKU. (Path to Purchase Institute members can view more recent in-store images from CVS here.)

In other recent news, CVS recently began prohibiting all product testing in stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic.