Wingtip Caters to Its Customers

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Wingtip Caters to Its Customers

By Neal Lorenzi - 03/01/2017
Interactive display attracts, engages, converts shoppers

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Retailer: Wingtip
Key Insights: Men like to learn about products to make an informed purchase decision, and they like to do so independently. Most whiskey brands have a story to tell.
Activation: Wingtip worked with Float Hybrid to offer an interactive display that provides detailed information about the whiskeys available in its wine and spirits department.

San Francisco — High-end menswear retailer Wingtip has a 22,000-square-foot store housed in San Francisco’s Financial District. Among its features, the store offers a private bar and lounge, parlor rooms, a golf simulator and a wine cave to “club” members.

To inform and engage shoppers about its premium whiskey offerings, Wingtip offers an interactive display in its wine and spirits department from San Francisco-based Float Hybrid. Recognizing that the display has only seconds to capture the shopper’s attention, Float Hybrid made the content fully optimized for an in-store experience. The display provides rich media information for a complex product category that comprises several hundred whiskey brands.

Whiskey comes from a variety of countries and has dozens of individual flavor characteristics. As a result, most whiskey brands have a story to tell. “The primary insight driving this partnership is that men shop differently than women,” says Keith Bendes, director of business development, Float Hybrid. “Men like to learn about the products they are purchasing in order to make an informed purchase decision, and they like to do so independently, before seeking help from store personnel.” 

Float Hybrid’s “Anything Interactive” technology acts as a digital-assisted selling tool that allows Wingtip shoppers to educate themselves before seeking help from store employees. This improves the experience for shoppers and optimizes the role of the employees. “Float Hybrid was able to replicate our best salesperson, and actually offer a preferred method of salesmanship for customers who prefer to serve themselves,” says Ami Arad, founder and CEO, Wingtip.

The display focuses on educating shoppers, the whiskey-making process for the displayed brands, the heritage of the brands and the recipes that could be made with those particular whiskeys.

Wingtip leaned on Float Hybrid to create optimized content that incorporates the essence of Wingtip and the store environment. The user experience captures the shopper in three real-time phases:

  • Attract. When shoppers are not present, an “attract” video cycles to drive attention and foot traffic to the display.
  • Engage. When shoppers approach, the interactive display changes the message to educate the shopper.
  • Convert. When shoppers touch the product buttons, the messaging on-screen is tailored to that individual interaction and the product.

“We tested the experience extensively before implementing it in-store in order to ensure the optimal content and user experience flow for the shopper,” Bendes says. “Onscreen buttons were added, which allow consumers to access video recipes for different whiskeys, further enhancing the user experience.” 

Wingtip conducted a launch party for the display in July 2016 with a private whiskey tasting event held in its wine cave. The event received PR support and drove earned media and word of mouth.

Float Hybrid says that by the end of 2016, dwell times for shoppers who interact with the display averaged 76 seconds. Laphroaig whiskey was the most “interacted with” product during that time. Moving forward, this type of granular interaction data will allow Wingtip to make more educated merchandising decisions based on real-time shopper preferences.

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