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Webinar: Maximizing the Power of Imagery Along the Path to Purchase


In an era where consumers scroll through 300 feet — or one Statue of Liberty — of content on their mobile devices every day, image recognition is overtaking read-time to play an increasingly critical role in purchase decisions. To win the Digital Shelf 2.0, brands will need to elevate their brand performance and take a data-driven approach to creating highly engaging visual experiences that are customized to the unique preferences of specific consumer segments and retailers.
Join Maximizing the Power of Imagery along the Path-to-Purchase and learn how four e-commerce pioneers were able to break down organizational silos, leverage the right types of data, and create the necessary capabilities to drive conversion by delivering behavior-changing visual experiences at the speed and scale of e-commerce.

Attendees will also learn about visual brand performance on the digital shelf and how these e-commerce trailblazers:

  • Improved new product design for the digital shelf.
  • Optimized Product Detail Page imagery to drive higher traffic and conversion.
  • Used test and learn approaches to pilot and scale image optimization programs across brands. 
  • Created cohesive e-commerce tech stacks and capabilities that enabled brands to proactively manage their numerous e-commerce conversion levers.


  • Jehan Hamedi - Founder and CEO, Vizit
  • Don Brett - Chief Digital Officer, NBG Home
  • Cristina Weekes - President, KADENWOOD Pet
  • Stacy Hanks - Vice President, Global Digital Commerce, SureWerx
  • Steve Kinsey - Digital and eCommerce Leads, Canada, GSK


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