Walmart Takes Wellness on Tour

Patrycja Malinowska
Director, Member Content, P2PI
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Walmart has taken its wellness outreach on the road, touring store parking lots with support from GlaxoSmithKline, Clorox Co. and Kimberly-Clark.

Set to visit a total of some 150 stores and deliver a total of 900 event days, the retailer’s mobile wellness tour is a reimagined version of the pre-pandemic Wellness Days Walmart used to host in stores.

The parking lot set-up is built around a branded trailer, with attendees able to receive a personalized wellness conversation as well as suggestions for solutions and helpful products in the form of a custom shopping list. Staff also help attendees install the Walmart mobile application and sign up for the retailer’s My Well-Being Guide for goal setting. The latter starts with a wellness quiz that is part of the "Wellness Hub" online destination to healthy living that Walmart rebranded at the start of the year.

Quiz takers get served up recommendations for personal well-being needs as well as relevant video courses and podcasts provided by Minneapolis-based The Big Know, a resource Walmart introduced via social media during the April 7 observance of World Health Day. The Wellness Hub also lets visitors shop by specific self-care, workout, mental wellness or nutrition goals.

Although Walmart's wellness outreach is now being staged in parking lots, the shopping list is intended to drive participants into stores, where Walmart says it is showcasing a “monthly spotlight” for wellness. Social media updates from the retailer plug the tour.

A display ad for Clorox’s flagship and Glad brands recently spotted on invited shoppers to “Get a clean like no other” and linked to a brand showcase touting Clorox’s ability to kill the COVID-19 virus and promoting the mobile wellness tour. The destination linked to Walmart’s “Back to Well” showcase, which is still promoting a now-expired incentive from the aforementioned three manufacturers.

Earlier in the pandemic, Walmart also staged its first online healthcare forum, Wellness Live, in the form of a three-day event featuring nutritional, heart and mental health insights from well-known experts. Johnson & Johnson’s Listerine, Bengay and Motrin tied in to the virtual event with a relevant display ad spotted running within