Walmart Aids Degree Max Recovery Launch

Patrycja Malinowska
Director, Member Content, P2PI
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Walmart is propping up Degree’s newly launched Maximum Recovery body care products.

The shower and bath range for the first time expands the brand’s offering beyond deodorant and antiperspirant, utilizing Epsom salts mood-boosting fragrances to aid in recovery after a workout or long day behind a desk. The lineup comprises body wash/soak, body bar soap and massage bar soap, Epsom salt muscle soak and body wipes, with most of the products available in several scents.

In Walmart stores, the items gain four-way placement on shelf trays that invite shoppers to “Recover with every shower” and present the SKUs as new. On, individual product pages have amassed plenty of reviews that indicate they were collected as part of a promotion. The items are also grouped within a dedicated e-commerce page.

Co-op marketing support has included:

  • 15-second, local and national spots in both English and Spanish (see video below).
  • 15-second online videos airing on websites such as and
  • Online display ads running outside of

Degree has also promoted the line in multiple social media updates directing to Walmart, as well as in email blasts to registered consumers.

While the line is not promoted as "only" available at Walmart, it appears that the retailer is enjoying an exclusive launch window.