Walgreens and Brands

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Walgreens and Brands

By Steve Frenda - 10/01/2019

I want to emphasize the importance of retailers (in this case, Walgreens) partnering with brands to enhance the shopping experience. I visited a half-dozen Walgreens stores in the Chicago market and was able to observe some very effective merchandising. It has never been more important for brands and retailers to work together to educate and inspire shoppers to build bigger shopping baskets.

  • Several stores had attractive displays promoting Unilever’s Dove brand and promising softer, smoother and cleaner skin. Featured products include body wash, body polish, mousse and moisturizing products. The intent is to educate and inspire shoppers.
  • Coca-Cola Co. works closely with Walgreens to secure impressive endcap displays in every store. Additionally, in most of the stores I observed floor displays that feature Coca-Cola brands and promote a summer BOGO offer valid every Wednesday-Friday from 4 to 7 p.m.
  • Typical of chain drug locations, beauty endcap displays and shelf units are prolific and impressive. Identified as “New Beauty,” L’Oreal showcases its products in lip color, eyelash volumizer and eyebrow definer under the theme of “Plump & Shine.”
  • Founded in 2011, the Honest Co. has made incredible impact in the area of personal care and household products by emphasizing ethical consumerism. There were impressive displays in each of the stores I visited. Honest has surpassed $250 million in sales. This baby products display emphasizes the theme of “Trusted, Gentle and Clean.
  • Nature’s Bounty has long been passionate in its retail merchandising efforts, and it shows in the displays presenting their products at most of the Walgreens stores I visited. Once again, we see powerful messaging around the products and the benefits for energy, sleep, heart health, women’s health, immune system and digestion. The BOGO feature helps ensure consumer continuity. In each of the stores, the takeaway was impressive.
  • Unilever’s deodorant products are featured in an outstanding display with the theme “Do Deo Better.” The display attempts to educate shoppers on the benefits of “Gentle Protection,” “Tailored Protection,” “Motion Activated” and “Fresh Scents.” Brands featured include Dove, Degree, Axe, and Love Beauty and Planet.
  • Emerging brands continue to make a major impact on the retail scene. Procter & Gamble’s Native “better for you” brand is positioned as “New at Walgreens.” Native was acquired by P&G in 2017, and the expertise of a major manufacturer plus the promise of the new brand can be a powerful combination.
  • Procter & Gamble can flex its muscle across the entire store. In this case, Gillette provides a strong Balance Rewards promotion offering a $10 reward. An extension of the razor portfolio, Gillette Skinguard is designed to stop irritation for sensitive skin.
  • Procter & Gamble’s excellence shows through on established brands such as Puffs, which had displays in all of the Walgreens stores I visited. P&G has demonstrated a strong capability to create powerful messaging in retail to drive bigger baskets.

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