Verizon Media, Catalina to Link Digital Ads to Purchases

Cyndi Loza
Managing Editor, Member Content, P2PI
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Verizon Media has reached a deal to become the first demand-side platform powered by Catalina shopper data, allowing brands to link in-store and online purchases to digital ads in real time.

Catalina has access to 170 million unique shopper cards and direct retailer relationships across channels, including grocery stores, mass merchants and convenience stores. Verizon Media has a first-party identity graph tied to hundreds of millions of consumers who use its 30+ brands and products such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Search, TechCrunch and Engadget. The partnership will bring together Verizon Media’s first-party data with Catalina’s sales insights to provide validated omnichannel sales conversions influenced by true media exposure, according to a media release. These solutions include: 

  • In-flight sales analysis, which matches media exposures to observed purchases daily, powered by Verizon Media’s identity graph, and aims to help advertisers understand the effectiveness of their media on a user-level in real-time.
  • Post-campaign measurement through Catalina that could also provide independent validation of incremental sales impact to verify effective optimizations through sales lift measurement in partnership with Verizon Media.

The partnership aims to allow for greater granularity at scale and provide teams with brand- and product-specific purchase insights, including new products that would not be otherwise measurable. It can also help in cases where the user exposed to a campaign is different from the actual buyer. For example, traditional measurement solutions will credit the head of the household on loyalty card purchases. Leveraging Verizon Media's ID graph, the credit goes to the person in the household exposed to the campaign, providing a deeper understanding of the true high-value consumer.

“As the CPG and retail landscape evolves, we are pleased to partner with Verizon Media DSP to help marketers transform data into actionable insights to deliver better value to their customers,” said Brian Dunphy, senior vice president of channel sales and strategic partnerships for Catalina, in the release. “This first-to-market partnership enables marketers to understand media impact in real-time, allowing them to enhance every touch point throughout an integrated, end-to-end shopping experience.”