Valpak Innovates Amid Market Disruption

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Valpak Innovates Amid Market Disruption


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide-ranging impact across industries, including the media. Valpak's answer has been to develop industry-leading targeting technology to bring advertisers a powerful, affordable option for delivering unique offers into individual households.

Valpak has created a first-of-its-kind technology that leverages household-specific targeting in a shared mail environment. This technology helps brands significantly reduce cost while yielding the same benefits that catalogers or direct mailers have relied on for decades. It allows advertisers to exclusively mail the homes they desire while eliminating those they do not within the cost savings environment of cooperative mail.

 "We saw an opportunity to develop a demand-driven technology that affords brands the ability to target with spear-like precision for a fraction the cost of traditional direct mail – essentially using a shared mail environment to incorporate household-level targeting," said Jay Loeffler, SVP of Sales for Valpak and SKULocal. 

Valpak's new technology will help brands target unique campaigns to new customers, existing customers, lapsed users and/or declining loyal customers in one campaign, driving repeat purchases while simultaneously filling the funnel for a fraction of the cost. Valpak can also incorporate QR codes on a mail piece at no charge to drive mobile or online sales.

A local advertising leader in more than 180 communities for over 50 years, Valpak's 92% open rate presents the opportunity to connect with consumers as the rebound commences.  Combine that with an industry-first technology, and Valpak feels confident it can help brands connect in a more personal way than ever while eliminating wasteful ad spend.

 "We're all about helping businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive. We're working harder than ever on creative solutions to emerge with opportunities that are timely and relevant for our partners to reach consumers with an emphasis on efficiency and engagement," said Mike Davis, CEO of Valpak.