Unilever Gives Walmart Shoppers a 'Happy Place'

Patrycja Malinowska
Director, Member Content, P2PI
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Unilever last month launched an exclusive bath and body collection at Walmart inspired by consumer stories about reclaiming one’s “happy place” in the uncertain times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dubbed Find Your Happy Place, the line spans products ranging from bath and shower gel to hand cream and candles to bath bombs and body scrubs. The initial lineup comes in four scents:

  • “Catching Sunrise” delivers tones of mango and sparkling citrus.
  • “Lazy Weekends” is based on sweet almond and vanilla.
  • “Home for the Holidays” boasts aromas of nutmeg and sweet cream.
  • “Under the Starlit Sky” offers a chamomile and sandalwood fragrance.

In some stores, the products are merchandised on a unique, color-coded gondola identifying each scent collection and tying it to an emotion it is intended to evoke, such as “joy” for the holiday-themed aroma and “chill” for the sunrise-inspired fragrance.

Outfitted with an eye-catching header installation, the distinctive display communicates product attributes, explains who inspired each sent and invites shoppers to “share your story to inspire the next collection” with #findyourhappyplace. Connecting the physical shopping experience with the digital experience, the display also shares reviews and directs shoppers to a brand showcase.

Other locations stock the collection on a more typical pallet display.

The brand showcase lets visitors browse by emotion and offers bundled collections at a discount. It also includes a 15-second video spotlighting the holiday scent. A Nov. 2 Instagram update from Walmart introduced the collection. The brand also operates its own Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, though only the first appears to be very active.   

Unilever tapped London-based PB Creative to design the collection as an invitation to return to these happy experiences by awakening the senses through the use of colour, scent and emotion, according to Packaging of the World (POTW), a design blog where creative agencies can submit their packaging projects.

“Our aim was to capture a special moment in time and to transport people back to a magical place through emotionally led designs," says Amy Elshenawy, design director at PB Creative, according to POTW. “While we needed to create a strong brand architecture to allow the entire portfolio to work harmoniously across a large number of variants, it was key that each collection retained its own distinct personality and felt premium without losing its sense of fun.”