Target in Schaumburg, Illinois

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Target in Schaumburg, Illinois

By Steve Frenda - 05/01/2019

This month I not only examine the traditional shopping trip at a newly remodeled Super Target, I also show how the shopping experience can be combined with the pickup (or delivery) of staple items, which will no doubt emerge as the norm as adoption increases. The remodel is a considerable enhancement. Target is seeking to reclaim its “tar-zhay” moniker that dates back to the early 1990s. I think the retailer is succeeding as it inspires shoppers and fills shopping carts.

  • Since I travel the country in my RV, I have a regular need to stock up on staples in food as well as household goods. These tend to be modest-size transactions due to my storage limitations, but I know that I can place an order ahead of time and have it waiting at the Target of my choice over the next day or two. I have also done this with Walmart as well.
  • If you consider the transient nature of my shopping visits, this approach saves me a lot of time, considering that every store is new to me and finding products on my shopping list can be a bit of a challenge.
  • Check out the reimagined housewares department, which again utilizes lighting, imagery and asymmetrical fixturing to create a more relaxed experiential retail journey.
  • Certainly, consumers’ motives for using a combination of in-store and in this case pickup will be different, but in my case the benefits are very tangible. The result is increased efficiency, which in turn leads to a more satisfying store experience.
  • I was struck by the incredible sight lines, inspiring imagery and asymmetric fixtures in the beauty department. The effect in my mind is that it creates a mood where you are willing to slow down and shop a bit.
  • We talk a lot about experiential retail being a key to success, and Target has done a terrific job creating department after department that causes you to slow down, be inspired and prepare to purchase an entire ensemble. 
  • As you might expect, Target does a great job of creating a mood to celebrate seasons, including Easter. Signage throughout the store invites customers to “Hop This Way” to the Easter holiday alcove. Great value and imaginative displays inspire shoppers.
  • I observed a significantly enhanced fresh food area in the supermarket portion of the store. For years, I have accused Target of treating food in general, and especially the perimeter departments, as a “hobby.” In this new format, we see a significantly increased commitment to produce, deli and bakery.
  • As you walk throughout the store, the newly fashioned departments create something of a “treasure hunt.” The liquor department is a section unto itself that is inviting with great ambiance and lighting effects.

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