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Sustainability is the New ‘Digital’: Responding to the Latest Corporate Imperative

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While the tremendous impact of COVID-19 to eCommerce, supply chain efficiency and consumer expectations is still taking its toll on consumer goods companies, the next disruption has already arrived. Organizations now are facing the need to embed Sustainability into their businesses to meet the ever-growing expectations of customers and stakeholders and to contribute toward advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Join this timely Earth Day conversation to learn some tangible actions that organizations can take to become leaders for change by embedding sustainability into the core of their businesses and efficiently tracking, measuring and executing a range of corporate-mandated sustainability initiatives. Sunil Rao, VP & GM Consumer Goods at Salesforce, will join Cara Smyth, Managing Director, Global Responsible Retail/ESG/Sustainability at Accenture to provide an inside look at how these two industry powerhouses have combined forces to help organizations create positive consumer experiences, support customer engagements, meet regulatory requirements, report on carbon usage and develop new business models.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why sustainability has become the next critical business imperative
  • Effective strategies for embedding sustainable practices throughout the organization
  • How the unrivaled Accenture + Salesforce partnership in Sustainability is helping forward-thinking organizations become agents of change both internally and across the industry


  • Sunil Rao, VP & GM, Consumer Goods, Salesforce
  • Cara Smyth, Managing Director, Global Responsible Retail/ESG/Sustainability, Accenture


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