Survey: Brand Loyalty Higher Among Digital Shoppers

Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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Chicory, a digital shopper marketing platform for CPG and grocery brands, recently highlighted key findings from its latest survey titled "The Impact of Store and Brand Loyalty in the Omnichannel Shopper's Journey." The survey is the third installation of Chicory's three-part research series, which aims to “decode the omnichannel shopper's path to purchase,” according to a recent media release from the New York-based company.

Chicory surveyed 726 total American consumers, ages 18 to 60+ years old, from Oct. 6-7, using an online survey to detail how and when store and brand loyalty influences a grocery shopper's behavior, from recipe inspiration to checkout. Some key insights from the study, also summarized in the infographic, include the following.

Digital grocery solutions have been widely adopted
Nearly half (47%) of the survey's respondents embody the definition of omnichannel shopping, reporting that they had shopped both in-person and online during the 60 days prior to taking the survey. The remainder of respondents reported shopping in-person only (42%) or online-only (11%) in the past 60 days, bringing the total number of what Chicory calls digital-savvy grocery shoppers to almost 60%.

Majority of meal planning takes place online
Chicory says most consumers are not only omnichannel shoppers, but omnichannel planners too. Of those surveyed, 41% said they plan their meals both offline and online, and 22% said they plan exclusively online, bringing the total number of digital-savvy planners to 63%.

Online shoppers are more loyal to brands and stores
Brand and store loyalty matters more to the online shopper. Online-only shoppers are 3.5 times more likely to be loyal to brands, with 93% having specific brands in mind when creating their shopping list. Online-only shoppers are also 14.7 times more likely to be loyal to the same grocery store.

Price is the top consideration for grocery shoppers
Price has the power to sway brand loyalty. According to 52% of respondents, the number one driver of brand swaps is price. When shoppers are considering a repeat purchase, price is the top consideration again for 32% of respondents, followed by taste for 21% and nutritional health for 13%.

Off-platform sites are key to the omnichannel shopper's journey
A significant portion of digital meal planning and shopping occurs off-platform before shoppers visit their preferred retailer. Of shoppers who had not visited the retailer's website or mobile app in the 60 days before taking the survey, the majority (57%) still said they did their meal planning online, but not on the retailer's platforms.

"The omnichannel experience offers brands and retailers countless consumer touchpoints, leaving them wondering where to focus their efforts," said Chicory co-founder and CEO Yuni Sameshima in the release. "According to our latest survey, the answer is clear. Online shoppers are more loyal than in-store shoppers, making it a priority for brands and retailers to reach digital shoppers where they know they'll be, like meal planning on a recipe site. This type of off-platform targeting will help reach new buyers and increase customer lifetime value."

Leveraging an extensive recipe network, Chicory partners with top CPG brands like Campbell's Soup Co. and grocery retailers like Wakefern to serve hyper-relevant ads, including shoppable recipes and contextual commerce, to consumers in the moments when they're planning their grocery purchases. It’s signature "Get Ingredients" button can be found on more than 1,500 recipe websites, including Taste of Home, Delish, and thousands of influencer food blogs.

To view the entire report, visit The Impact of Store and Brand Loyalty in the Omnichannel Shopper's Journey.