Spotlight: Eucerin Calls on Alexa to Aid Skincare Shoppers


Beiersdorf’s Rob Ciaffaglione and The Mars Agency's Ethan Goodman will present on this topic at the Path to Purchase Summit, March 12-14 in Chicago. Come learn how innovative brands and retailers have already begun to test voice shopping capabilities, and how you can capitalize on this opportunity to drive your business. Registration is open.

Wilton, Conn.Beiersdorf launched its first skill for Amazon’s Alexa under the Eucerin brand, providing consumers at home a voice assistant that can guide them to the best Eucerin product for their skin. The tool kicks off a new digital focus for the Eucerin brand that will rollout throughout the year.

Shoppers interact with the cloud-based and voice-activated skill through any Alexa device, such as the Echo products. The main objective, according to Beiersdorf’s Rob Ciaffaglione, team leader, shopper and customer marketing, is for product recommendations. After answering a series of questions such as if the product is for the hands, body or face, or whether it’s for cracked or flaky skin, the skill narrows in on the right product. The skill also automatically sends the consumer a product information card to her smartphone to reference in-store or for her online shopping cart.

In addition, the skill provides users with skin care tips, especially pertinent for the current winter season. The technology targets busy moms who balance a career and family, says Ciaffaglione. “While we know that new voice technology may not have high penetration with our entire shopper base, we did not change who we are targeting. We believe that over time, voice is the future.”

The idea for the skill came from insights that therapeutic skincare shoppers seek information from many sources beyond their dermatologist, he says. “Further, she is also very likely to perform her own self-diagnosis.”

Building the skill itself began with that shopper insight but then involved developing a VUI (Voice User Interface) design, which includes laying out the decision tree and user paths, Ciaffaglione says. After that, dialogue is written, assets like the product information cards are built in, brand and legal approvals are attained, and then coding and testing commences. Beiersdorf worked with The Mars Agency, Southfield, Michigan, to work directly with Amazon’s Alexa team to bring the concept to life. Twinoaks, Plano, Texas, helped with strategy and execution.

Beiersdorf is promoting the skill on the brand product page on and the Eucerin website. Posts on social networks will drive traffic to downloading the skill, and there is a callout to the skill in an FSI.

Ciaffaglione says the Eucerin brand has not done much in the way of digital work in the past, but this skill is the first of a new strategy for 2018. “Knowing that two-thirds of therapeutic skincare shoppers are in a ‘discovery mode,’ we will head into 2018 with continuing to help aid them along their path to purchase, particularly by leveraging other digital technologies that can help them navigate the category, similar to the way our Alexa skill works.”