SmileDirectClub Expands Via Walmart

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SmileDirectClub Expands Via Walmart

By Patrycja Malinowska - 02/29/2020

SmileDirectClub in January launched its inaugural retail product line, selling the new oral-care collection exclusively through Walmart.

Positioned as affordable yet premium, the initial lineup included an electric toothbrush (priced at about $25) and brush replacement heads plus a whitening kit with LED lighting (about $40).

The products are stocked on and across some 3,800 stores on dedicated endcap displays as well as grouped on four-ways. The endcap display utilizes a blue background, making the white of the product packaging pop. It also employs large-size, 3-D versions of the brand’s electric toothbrush and teeth tray, the latter outfitted with flashing LED lights that serve to illustrate the depicted product promise: “Whiter teeth at the speed of bright.” A circular feature in the retailer’s Jan. 30 tab supported the launch.

“Today, we are proud to partner with Walmart, and look forward to disrupting the oral care aisle and category with an easy-to-use system of affordable, premium solution-oriented products for maintaining a better smile,” said Amy Keith, vice president of retail for SmileDirectClub, in a media release.

A subsequent rollout in February added  several additional products to Walmart’s offering: toothpaste, a water flosser and an ultrasonic UV cleaner that sanitizes aligners and retainers.

“SmileDirectClub’s debut of oral care products in mass retail extends our mission to be the consumer’s first resource for safe, affordable, and convenient oral care solutions,” said Josh Chapman, SmileDirectClub chief global brand officer. “Partnering with Walmart to introduce our products reinforces our shared commitment to providing premium-quality products at a price worth smiling about.”

The dental aligners the company is known for selling for a fraction of the cost of traditional braces or Alight Technology’s Invisalign services are not included in Walmart’s lineup – at least not yet. SmileDirectClub does have multi-year, non-exclusive agreements to open up to 1,500 shops in CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens stores to hawk those products.

The shops would certainly fit Walmart’s strategy as the retailer makes a broader strategic push into health, including the recent launches of several other brands in the category and the opening of standalone health clinics.

SmileDirectClub, which has yet to post a profit and whose initial public offering last summer was dubbed one of the worst of 2019, will also bolster its direct-to-consumer business with the addition of a club-edition electric toothbrush that includes a second, aligner-cleaning brush head and will offer a subscription service delivering a brush head and battery refill every three months for $5.