SmartCommerce, Resonate Drive E-Com Performance, Insights

Jacqueline Barba
Associate Editor
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SmartCommerce and Resonate have partnered to enable SmartCommerce Click2Cart CPG clients to unlock deep e-commerce audience and performance insights.

Resonate, an AI-driven consumer data and analytics company for top CPG and retail brands, leverages a proprietary methodology to provide unique insights on shopping behaviors and intent, brand and retailer selection, and product purchase drivers, as well as detailed information on demographics, psychographics, media consumption, life stages and sentiment about recent events like the pandemic and social justice movements.

SmartCommerce already partners with CPG clients and their agency partners using Click2Cart to transform existing digital touchpoints (ads, social media, email, etc.) from awareness builders into e-commerce performance engines. Last year, consumers carted more than $1 billion of products using Click2Cart, according to SmartCommerce.

Through this partnership with Resonate, SmartCommerce clients and their agencies can now receive more than 90 new relevant data points on carting consumers that will help them better understand, reach and engage their highest-value audiences, resulting in increased conversion and brand loyalty.

“Adding Click2Cart to ads, social media posts and emails turns ‘awareness’ advertising into e-commerce performance media. Resonate’s unique ability to provide insights while preserving privacy means that this visibility comes with no friction loss, which is amazing for CPG brands,” said Jennifer Silverberg, SmartCommerce CEO, in a recent press release.  

Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate, added, “Having the deepest, most compelling consumer data readily accessible at critical buying moments is vital critical to transforming awareness into conversion for high-performing audiences. It’s a perfect application of Resonate’s continuously updated hyper-relevant data. We’re excited to partner with SmartCommerce to give brands deeper and unprecedented visibility into the audiences that respond to their ads.”

The reports available through this partnership include snapshots of audiences’ demographics and media consumption behaviors, as well as a unique view into the personal values that drive the decision-making of a given audience. 

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