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By Bill Schober - 10/22/2018

Sights & Sounds … from people I ran into at P2PX in October.

“Mark Zuckerberg left that logo [of defunct previous tenant, Sun Microsystems] on the back [of Facebook’s street sign] so employees will see it as a reminder every single day.”

Dave Sommer, Facebook

“Amazon is not a fair fight ... it’s a street fight. You have to figure out how to win despite things being unfair.”

Melissa Burdick, Pacvue


"Each time a consumer is exposed to an improved shopping experience, their expectations for all shopping experiences are reset to a new higher level. We are chasing our customers’ expectations.”

Brendan Witcher, Forrester


"The biggest shopper revolution that’s going to happen over the next year or two is in pharma.”

Hugh Boyle, TracyLocke


"Digital and in-store merchandising are no longer as distinct as they once were.”

Samantha Nelson,


“Women comprise almost half of entry-level CPG and retail managers, among the highest in American business, but just 13% in the C-suite – the lowest.“

Julie Quick, Shoptology 

(For a copy of “UP THE %,” her guide to assessing women’s leadership within your own organization, email her: [email protected])


"We’re not doing advertising; we’re trying to insert ourselves ... seamlessly into our shoppers’ lifestyles.”

Jeff Daniel, Upshot


"CVS isn’t afraid to ditch certain products not aligned with their vision of shopper health.”

Jacqueline Barba,


"Grocery shoppers want help from AI, but control. AI that is proactive or automatic is too far for most shoppers.

Craig Elston, Integer


"Lowe’s is not afraid to collaborate with outside parties, leverage its Innovation Labs, or go outside the box for unique experiences.”

Charlie MenchacaShopper Marketing


"Voice could eliminate keyboards and mice.”

Joe Scartz, TPN


"Shoppers don’t want an ‘endless’ aisle ... they want curation.”

Patrycja Malinowska,

“This is the ‘Creative Project Hype Cycle.’ If you’re in the industry, you know this is how projects often go.”

Rich Butwinick, SellCheck 

(For a copy of his white paper on countering “Suboptimal Creative,” email him: [email protected]


"Instead of being distracted by how we keep up with our competition, we really should keep up with our customers.”

John MacDonald, Giant Food CMO


"Walgreens is going big in beauty and shining the spotlight on its own brands. There are still opportunities for national brands to stand out, but going forward? We’ll just have to see.”

Tim BinderShopper Marketing


"What creates loyalty? Experiences that are personal, authentic, thoughtful. Engage consumers as users more than buyers.”

Steve Miglieri, Narvar


"After accounting for free shipping, Target’s prices were the lowest of the retailers that carried all the items on our list. Costco also rated good for overall value... because of the quantity discount. For overall shopper experience, only Target’s was excellent. Amazon/Whole Foods and Costco offered a good overall shopper experience, and the remaining retailers all rated fair."

Rick Abens, Foresight ROI

(For the results of his E-Commerce Home Delivery test, email him: [email protected])


"This is the year to learn how to use AI.”

Brendan Witcher, Forrester


"It’s not ‘e-commerce,’ it’s just ‘commerce.’ It’s the way people buy. The narrow definition of e-commerce is widening; it’s everywhere and in every sector; every business is an e-commerce business.”

Tod Harrick, Marketplace Ignition

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