ShopRite, Colgate Give Schools Gardens to Save Water

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ShopRite, Colgate Give Schools Gardens to Save Water

By Cyndi Loza - 08/30/2018

ShopRite and Colgate-Palmolive are staging a contest to underscore the importance of water preservation while brushing. 

The "Save Water Challenge" will award two Northeastern schools with lumber made from recycled materials to create an outdoor garden — encompassing up to 12 garden beds, one gazebo, one picnic table and one flat bench. Schools enlist students and other constituents to visit a promotional page within recycling company TerraCycle's website and pledge to conserve water by turning off their faucet while brushing their teeth. The prize goes to the two schools that earn the most pledges from July 8 to Sept. 30. 

The contest is part of Colgate’s ongoing multi-year "Save Water" campaign to raise awareness of water scarcity. The brand kicked off this year's program in March for World Water Day, with plans to continue its awareness efforts in April for Earth Month and September for back-to-school. Olympian Michael Phelps is a spokesperson for the program. 

A feature in the retailer’s Aug. 24/26 circular depicting Phelps highlighted the cause campaign and promised Price Plus loyalty cardholders a special discount on the purchase of two Colgate SKUs. A similar display ad within plugs the cause effort, while encouraging users to “pledge to save water and help your school win a garden.” In-store displays, according to local New Jersey news website, a July 18 Facebook update from TerraCycle and an Aug. 21 Twitter update from ShopRite also tout the contest. 

The marketing plan for the contest also included a July 8 in-store event at a Newark, NJ, ShopRite store, according to The event offered participants free dental screenings for children (provided by the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures van), water-saving tips and contest flyers.

The contest is similar to the annual "Colgate & ShopRite Recycled Playground Challenge" the partners stage annually.