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The Shopping List 2.0: How to Drive Purchase Intent and Increase Sales


Webinar Date: Thursday, May 26, 2022, at 2 p.m. ET

Planning your shopping trip by building a grocery list is nothing new; however, how people plan their shopping has shifted dramatically. With the proliferation of mobile devices and a seismic shift in shopping behavior due to COVID, more and more people are planning their shopping digitally. Various apps are available that make it easy to build shopping lists and/or add items to your favorite retailer’s cart with the convenience of in-store pick-up or delivery.

With all of these changes, it’s no wonder that the popularity of Shopping List Marketing is skyrocketing. For those familiar with Shopping List Marketing, it’s easy to understand why; the power to drive purchase intent and increase sales with contextually relevant advertising is too enticing to pass up. Other marketers who are just learning about Shopping List Marketing tend to ask several questions:

  • How do I get shoppers to put my brand on their shopping list?   
  • Is it really possible to influence what a consumer adds to their shopping list?
  • Does it reach a different audience where I’ll actually see incremental sales?
  • Does getting on a mobile list or into a cart have a measurable impact on sales?

In this webinar, you will hear from Mark Biggin, Owner of On the Mark Agency and John Gladney, Marketing at Swaggerty's Sausage Company on their experiences with Shopping List Marketing. Molly McFarland, co-founder and CRO of AdAdapted, will moderate the discussion and speak to the various ways brands can use Shopping List Marketing.


Molly McFarland, Co-Founder and CRO of AdAdapted
Mark Biggin, Owner of On the Mark Agency
John Gladney, Marketing at Swaggerty's Sausage Company




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