Shopper Marketing Trends Report 2019


We present results and analysis of our annual survey of consumer goods marketing executives. Included is Path to Purchase Institute staff analysis on the following seven topics as well as 21 charts.

Digital Ad Platforms – Amazon, Walmart, Kroger and Target

Working With Walmart’s Connected Partners

How Departments Value Shopper Marketing

The CPG/Retail Glass Ceiling

Expect Adoption to Rise for These Technologies

Omnichannel Tools Lead Store of the Future

Packaging Trend: Special Doorstep Delivery Packs


In late October 2018, several thousand U.S.-based CPG marketing executives were emailed a questionnaire to be completed online. The names were drawn from Shopper Marketing magazine subscription, Path to Purchase Institute membership and EnsembleIQ registration lists, with an emphasis on those with director, manager or senior executive titles.

From those emailings, 81 consumer goods marketing executives submitted completed surveys. Each respondent was entered into a drawing for an Apple Watch Series 3, which was awarded to Marc Bennett of Johnsonville. The survey was administered and the data compiled by EnsembleIQ Research Solutions.


Respondents: Consumer product marketing executives. Please source all charts to: the Path to Purchase Institute/Shopper Marketing magazine.

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