A collection of content relevant to professionals focused on marketing to shoppers.

Shopper Intelligence

  • P2PI Interactive Experiences

    Business intelligence takes on an entirely new dimension in this series of immersive learning experiences developed by EnsembleIQ's BrandLabs.
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  • The Post-Pandemic Grocery Shopper

    Using results from proprietary research conducted with 1,000 shoppers by the Path to Purchase Institute this fall in cooperation with Edge Marketing, this exclusive report examines the key ways shopping behavior has permanently changed due to the pandemic, which has accelerated some key marketplace trends but may also have inspired shoppers to revert to some old habits as well.
  • P2PI Shopper Behavior Monitor: The Post-Pandemic Grocery Shopper

    Brands are preparing for what appear to be permanent changes in traditional behavior The COVID-19 pandemic triggered wild shifts in consumer behavior, forcing brands and retailers to adapt to drastically altered shopping preferences, supply chain upheaval, mandated changes to store operations and
  • Report Provides Thanksgiving Shopping Behavior ‘Clarity’

    A new study from Fetch Rewards and Cadent Consulting Group provides insights into shopper behavior as Americans prepared for the Thanksgiving holiday amid surging COVID-19 cases.
  • Adaptability Is the New Advantage

    The COVID-19 pandemic has unquestionably advanced the adoption of innovation and technology by retailers and shoppers and contributed to a more rapid change in the evolving face of retail.
  • Institute Commission to Develop Standards for Shopper Marketing Measurement

    The Path to Purchase Institute has joined with more than two dozen of its member organizations to solve one of the industry’s greatest challenges: accurately measuring the full impact of shopper marketing on brand success.
  • Advantage Solutions Surveys Consumers About Halloween Plans

    A survey of 900-plus consumers from Advantage Solutions finds that COVID-19 concerns will lead to lighter than usual trick-or-treating and parties as more consumers stay close to home.
  • Survey: Consumers Rank Retailers on COVID-19 Response

    Several major U.S. retailers received top rankings from shoppers for their handling of the pandemic in a new dunnhumby survey, plus online grocery shopping now represents nearly 35% of all U.S. trips.
  • Shopper Marketing Trends in 2020

    Digital media opportunities via retailers and third parties — along with the data that drive their effectiveness — have become more critical than ever.
  • Albertsons Sweetens Its 'Baby Day' Program

    The retailer is luring in new parents by significantly lowering the purchase threshold shoppers need to meet in order to qualify for its "Every Day is Baby Day" bulk-purchase incentive. 
  • The Future Unfolding, Part 2

    The Institute has assembled its most impressive collection of thought leaders ever to reflect on the impact the COVID-19 crisis will have on shopper engagement. They answer: Moving forward, what do you see as the greatest opportunity for achieving success with shoppers?
  • Path to Purchase Now: Understanding the Post-Pandemic Shopper

    Institute research identifies key areas to watch as the ‘new’ path to purchase takes shape.

A collection of content relevant to professionals focused on marketing to shoppers.