Shopper Insights & Measurement Forum ‘Digital Briefcase’

Here’s a primer for the Sept. 13-14 virtual event by the Path to Purchase Institute.

The Path to Purchase Institute’s two-day Shopper Insights & Measurement Forum kicks off on Monday, Sept. 13.

Join industry leading experts as they help you better understand and implement effective strategies for developing the shopper insights needed to drive growth and accurately measure digital retail impact.

This new virtual event — which brings together retailers, brands, solution providers and agencies — will examine:

  • How best-in-class organizations are staying ahead of changes in shopper behavior.
  • What new strategies are being implemented for measuring program performance.
  • How industry leaders are developing growth-driving shopper marketing programs.

Day 1 Agenda (Sept. 13)


1 p.m. Eastern Time


1:05 p.m. Eastern Time
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Store: Tracking the New Shopper Journey
Speaker: Theresa Lyons, SVP, Strategic Planning, The Mars Agency

Marketers have long needed to understand the behavioral differences between consumers shopping in-store and online. But it took a pandemic to intensify the additional need to understand shoppers who do both at the same time — sort of. As online grocery shopping skyrocketed last year, the path to purchase gained a few more wrinkles related to home delivery, curbside and in-store pickup. That sent marketers scrambling to understand these new aspects of the shopper journey — an issue particularly important for brands that historically have relied heavily on in-store engagement. In this fast-paced presentation, Lyons will examine the nine “Moments of Impact” in the BOPIS and curbside shopping journey that give marketers critical opportunities to drive engagement with these new omnichannel shoppers.

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1:35 p.m. Eastern Time
Creating Customer Connection
Speakers: Rachel Bennington, VP of CPG; and Tom Donoghue, VP of CTV/OTT, GroundTruth

The path to purchase has more touchpoints than ever before, with more screens, more purchase checkout and pickup options, and a shift in brand loyalty. In this session, GroundTruth will cover how the precision of location-based marketing can be applied across mobile, desktop, tablet, CTV and OTT to increase and measure store visits and sales. Learn from the experts on how to break through the Q4 clutter and drive results for your brand.


1:50 p.m. Eastern Time
How to Use Experiences—Online and In-Person—to Build Long-Term Customer Relationships: A Conversation with Michaels Arts & Crafts and AnyRoad
Speakers: Daniel Yaffe, Co-Founder and COO, AnyRoad; and Jen Harness, Director - Content & Experience, The Michaels Companies

Each year, millions of people visit Michaels Arts and Crafts, taking classes in their community classroom. But until the brand started understanding their customers, valuable insights were walking off the store floor. Enter the Community Classroom Project, a partnership between Michaels and AnyRoad, which allows the retailer to manage experiential marketing programs and turn them into valuable data. And with the continuation of GDPR and the enhancement of CCPA, brands and marketers need to find new ways to compile data on customers and users. The best way? Gather it yourself. The speakers will share how data-driven experiences help build a complete customer profile while creating an enjoyable experience for the user, and how Michaels uses customer insights gathered before, during and after experiences.


2:25 p.m. Eastern Time


2:45 p.m. Eastern Time
Weaponry for 2022 and Beyond: Retail Media Mix Management
Speakers: Tammy Brumfield, SVP, Business Development, and Rick Abens, Founder & CEO, Foresight ROI

Managing and growing a business today feels like the wild frontier. The pandemic drove a rapid increase in digital commerce and gave rise to retailer media. As a result, the lines between traditional media, retailer media and trade promotion are more blurred than ever — making it very difficult for a marketer to understand what works and doesn’t across each investment type. Gaining this understanding at the most granular level, while understanding the synergies between, will be the most important weaponry of 2021 and beyond. However, it will require establishing a single metric for success to compare each investment type, drive improved investment decisions, and for forecasting future success.

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3:15 p.m. Eastern Time
The Media Dollars You Didn’t Realize You Were Wasting
Speaker: Julie Eddleman, CCO, DoubleVerify

Shopper marketing plays an important role in many brands’ digital advertising strategy. Connecting with consumers at point-of-sale drives performance. Increasingly, these connection points are digital. Unlike other digital marketing campaigns, however, shopper marketing campaigns are not always held to the same standards when it comes to quality. These campaigns are often executed independently, and managed by specialist teams and/or agencies. While this allows for nimbleness when it comes to optimization, it may leave the brand exposed to wasted media spend. Fraud, viewability and brand suitability — the hallmarks of authentic media — should be integral to your shopper marketing strategy, ensuring your brand’s reputation is well-protected, and that your ad dollars are not wasted on placements that will not ultimately drive return on ad spend.


3:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Panel Discussion: Building a Best-in-Class Insights Organization
Speakers: Phil DeConto, VP of Category Management & Shopper Insights, Ferrero USA; Stacey Riecks, Market Intelligence Leader, GE Lighting, A Savant Co.; and Deb Monahan, Director, Shopper Insights & Capabilities, GSK Consumer Healthcare

What does it take to have a top-notch insights team? Our panel of insights leaders will explore that question and discuss helpful technologies and frameworks. It will address innovations that help connect to — and capture the voice of — the shopper, even during the pandemic. The panel will also discuss strategies to distill and organize the vast amounts of data used to form insights; formal and informal mentoring; and how companies structure their insights team to win.


4:15 p.m. Eastern Time
Day 1 Closing Notes


Day 2 Agenda (Sept. 14)


1 p.m. Eastern Time


1:05 p.m. Eastern Time
Impacting Shopper Behavior in a Rapidly Changing Market
Speaker: Dave Schaff, VP, Research & Insights, Ibotta

Have you ever wondered why is it so difficult to impact consumer behavior at-shelf, even though we seem to know so much about our shoppers? Why is it challenging to not only find your core consumer with targeted media spend, but also measure the efficacy of these targets? We’ll uncover the answer to these critical questions and show an example of what success looks like. Ultimately, success lies in where you start and how you get there. Takeaways will include how to become more effective at identifying transformational shopper insights; learning a new methodology for segmentation and targeting to impact in-store behavior; and identifying how to truly measure the efficacy of your targeted media spend.

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1:35 p.m. Eastern Time
Understanding Success: Preliminary Findings from the SM2 Commission
Speakers: Bill Haveron, Group Director - Shopper Marketing, Mosaic; Steve Tobias, Executive, Media COE, IRI; and Laura Nicklin, VP, EnsembleIQ

The mission of the Commission to Standardize the Measurement of Shopper Marketing (SM2) is to foster an industry-wide understanding of the true value of shopper marketing across the entire path to purchase by establishing best practices and adoptable standards for measurement. The Path to Purchase Institute is excited to officially launch the SM2 Industry Playbook, developed with support from some of the industry’s leading product manufacturers, marketing agencies and solution providers. Join the Institute in this session as it shares key content from the Industry Playbook as well as preliminary takeaways from the measurement pilots that are in progress.


2:20 p.m. Eastern Time


2:35 p.m. Eastern Time
What People Really Want from Brands in This Post-Pandemic Moment
Speaker: Sarah O'Grady, VP, Brand Marketing, Valassis, A Vericast Business

After over a year of massive life disruptions, people are starting to head out again to eat, shop and gather. Certainly, that creates new opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences, but what are the rules of engagement in this post-pandemic era? What will grab attention and convert potential buyers as they engage the world once again? O’Grady addresses these questions with new, survey-based research from the Valassis 2021 Consumer Intel Report. In this presentation, she will provide a glimpse into the anxiety, resilience and hope built up over the last year and reflect the cautious optimism that most people have about the future. Expect to walk away with insights for to fuel your brand activation.

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3:05 p.m. Eastern Time
Title: Changing Habits — Getting to the Buy
Speakers: Eugene Adamson, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager, the Coca-Cola Company; and Curt Munk, Chief Strategy Officer, VMLY&R Commerce

It is becoming increasingly clear that we’re chasing the wrong behavior change at retail. Product trial just isn’t enough anymore. Commerce — in all forms — has proven itself to be more than a new route to market for brands and businesses. It’s vital for brand building and consumer experience. We need to be thinking beyond the confines of one channel, and rather meet consumers where they are emotionally and functionally. The latest purchase research suggests that many of our daily decisions, including purchases, are guided by our habits alone. Our jobs in commerce should be about making it easier to become a habit for consumers but rather what it takes to make, and break, habits to create both commercial and consumer value that impacts beyond the transaction.

3:50 p.m. Eastern Time
Closing Notes

The Path to Purchase Institute, the event sponsors and the speakers look forward to your attendance. To view full event details and to register, visit ShopperInsightsForum.com.