Sam's Club, Mars Welcome Summer

Jacqueline Barba
Associate Editor
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Sam’s Club is hosting themed digital activity from Mars Inc. to promote “sweets that beat the heat” and kick off the summer season.

Multiple Mars ad servers (horizontal or vertical leaderboard and skyscraper ads) and pencil banner ads (thin top-of-page ads) within encourage shoppers to “Never stop summering” and to “Enjoy the long weekend with sweets to beat the heat,” while linking to a decked out custom brand showcase via a “Shop Now” button.

The showcase continues the summer theme and messaging while highlighting select candy SKUs and variety packs from the manufacturer. A category POV ad (the top ad on a category page/brand showcase) communicates a “Squeeze the most out of the season” message and links to a  “Mars Summer” e-commerce page listing more SKUs from the manufacturer’s confectionery brands including M&M’s, Skittles, Snickers and Starburst.

The decked out showcase also serves up ways to engage and inspire shoppers through recipes and a printable M&M’s bingo card. One banner ad on the page promotes a 15-minute, “too easy” recipe for an M&M’s Red, White and Blue trifle alongside a video tutorial demonstrating the recipe. Or for a healthier treat, another ad on the page promotes a recipe for M&M's caramel apple pops for those who want to “Sneak in some fruit.” A “See Recipe” button on the ad also links to a dedicated web page detailing the recipe.

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