​​​​​​​Retail Media Forum 'Digital Briefcase'

Here’s a primer for the March 30-31 virtual event by the Path to Purchase Institute


The Path to Purchase Institute’s two-day Retail Media Forum kicks off on Tuesday, March 30. This new virtual event is focused on educating the industry about the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of retail media.

The Forum, which brings together retailers, brands, solution providers and agencies, will examine the current and future landscape of retail media, the leading retail media networks and how they work, best-practice strategies for leveraging these networks to achieve both brand and shopper marketing objectives, and case studies that demonstrate real-world challenges and successes.

This Digital Briefcase provides attendees with a primer for the event, which will open with a welcome from the Institute at noon Eastern time on both March 30 and 31, followed by a keynote presentation. Complete agenda and registration information is available on the event’s website:

Day 1 Agenda (March 30)

Noon Eastern time

12:10 p.m. Eastern time
Navigating the Expanding Retail Media Landscape
Speaker: Reid Greenberg, EVP, Global Digital & E-Commerce Practice, Kantar
Greenberg kicks off the Forum by outlining the current landscape and examining how leading brands are evaluating, integrating and connecting retail media into their overall marketing plans to drive maximum impact. The events that disrupted our industry in 2020 have made it even more important for brand marketers to understand the increasingly critical role that retail media networks play in both the traditional retailer-manufacturer collaboration model and the overall ecosystem of e-commerce and digital media. The unexpected shift to online shopping experienced last year is driving retailers to dedicate more resources to building up their capabilities – and convincing brand partners to shift the marketing spend accordingly.

12:55 p.m. Eastern time
Breakout Session. Attendees can interact with each other, discussing what they hope to learn about retail media over the two-day event.

1:15 p.m. Eastern time
Connecting the Retail Media Ecosystem: Roundel & Criteo
Speakers: David Peterson, Vice President, Roundel, media re-imagined by Target; and Sherry Smith, Managing Director, Retail Media, Americas, Criteo
Peterson and Smith will take the virtual stage to discuss the next era in retail media and how building connections across brands and partners is a plan for the future. It’s clear more purchases are shifting to e-commerce, and shoppers are diversifying where and how they buy. In fact, in the first half of 2020, more than 10 million new guests shopped In response to these massive shifts in consumer behavior, brands are adapting their marketing strategies and leaning into retail media to reach shoppers with relevant ads on the sites and apps of their trusted partners. Find out how we can build a successful and open retail media ecosystem that connects retailers, brands, and technology partners.

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1:45 p.m. Eastern time
Retail Media Platforms: Overview and Comparisons
Speakers: Mindy Fashaw, COO, Pacvue; and Karen Satterlie, eCommerce Manager, Henkel
Fashaw and Satterlie will cover various retailer media platforms to help brands map out where each platform fits into their retail media strategy and how they can work together to achieve their 2021 business objectives. Given the rapid shift to e-commerce seen in 2020, it has become more critical than ever for brands to think differently about their retail media strategies and investments. With consumers shifting their shopping behaviors toward various fulfillment models, competition is heating up on the digital shelf. With the launch of three big advertising platform APIs in 2020 – Walmart, Instacart, and Criteo – and the recent opening of Walmart Pickup and Delivery ad inventory, brands now have more direct access to the e-commerce shopper than ever before.

2:30 p.m. Eastern time
Retail Media 3.0: The Rise of Retail Marketing Network
Speaker: Spencer Baird,EVP & President, Martech, Inmar Intelligence
In a fast-paced interview with the Institute's Peter Breen, Baird will examine the rise of new retail media platforms. Baird will help define what a retail marketing network is, discuss the types of new and exciting marketing programs it can support, and present real-world examples of cross-channel executions and their performance. Learn about the evolution of retail media networks and its three phases: the Ad Network, the Retail Media Network (current) and the Rise of the Retail Marketing Network.

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2:45 p.m. Eastern time

3 p.m. Eastern time
Piecing Together the Connected Commerce Puzzle: How Retail Media Fits into the Macro Shopper Marketing Strategy
Moderator: Ethan Goodman, SVP of Commerce Media, The Mars Agency
Panelists: Marie Catanzaro, Team Lead, Shopper Activation, Mars Petcare; Stephen Chriss, Customer Vice President, Shopper & Omni Channel Marketing, Campbell Soup Co.; Lisa Matos, Vice President, Sales Capabilities and Commerce, Conagra Brands
Goodman will facilitate a panel discussion to unpack important topics and discuss how top brands and retailers are approaching them. To date, most of the industry discussion about retail media has focused on who has the best targeting and closed-loop measurement capabilities or the most innovative audience extension partnerships. But as the major retail media networks continue to gain scale and command more dollars from brands, another important set of questions is starting to emerge surrounding what role retail media should play in the broader omnichannel shopper marketing mix: How does it perform relative to the other digital and in-store tools in my toolbox? How much budget should be allocated and how should it be funded? What are the risks if investment levels don't meet the retailer's initial JBP ask?

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3:30 p.m. Eastern time
Shopping Behavior on Retailer Websites
Speaker: Peter Breen, Editor-in-Chief, Path to Purchase Institute
Using its proprietary research capabilities, the Path to Purchase Institute surveyed 1,000 consumers to understand how they’re currently interacting with retailer websites and corresponding off-site media opportunities to determine the impact various tools are having on shopping behavior and purchase decisions. Ultimately, the success of any retail media network will be determined by how successfully it attracts shoppers and drives purchase. To that end, leading retailers continue to build and refine the various shopper-facing tools they have in their arsenals as a way of strengthening engagement with existing and potential shoppers. Tune is to find out which tools are really resonating with the target audience.

Day 2 Agenda (March 31)

Noon Eastern time

12:10 p.m. Eastern time
How Challenger Brands Are Leveraging Retail Media to Drive Hyper-Growth
Speaker: John Denny, VP eCommerce & Digital Marketing, CAVU Venture Partners
To start the second day, Denny will take you through how challenger brands today are harnessing an entirely new playbook – one focused on retail media, e-commerce channels and digital strategies –  to drive rapid growth and win against the Goliaths of the industry. For decades, large brands used their advantages in scale, mass market brand building and retailer relationships to dominate CPG. Yet in the last few years, and particularly post-pandemic, upstart challenger brands have changed the equation. As McKinsey pointed out: "In recent years, leading brands in each CPG category have generated only 25% of growth in U.S. Nielsen-covered channels, despite being 50% of sales. Meanwhile, small and medium-sized brands captured 45% of growth."

2:50 p.m. Eastern time
How Kellogg Levels Up Omnichannel Sales at Kroger
Speakers: Gail Horwood, CMO, Kellogg; and Cara Pratt, SVP, Kroger Precision Marketing at 84.51°
Kellogg has been at the forefront of understanding gaming as a cultural force and an important snacking occasion. Along the way, Kellogg has reinvented the way manufacturers use retail media to engage consumers. Hear Horwood and Pratt discuss how Kellogg is enhancing the purchase journey and scoring points with shoppers.

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1:20 p.m. Eastern time
Oreo Thins: Mondelez’s Recipe for Retail Media and Promotional Success
Speakers:Steven Boal, CEO, Quotient; Anne Martin, Customer Director, Shopper Marketing, Mondelez International;and Steve McGowan, RVP, Shopper Marketing & Strategic Partnerships,Mondelez International
Mondelez experienced retail media success with the recent omnichannel launch of Oreo Thins. An integrated digital media and promotions strategy across retailer and offsite channels drove measurable engagement and sales of this playful new product. Mondelez shopper marketing leaders McGowan and Martin, along with Quotient’s Boal, will share insights around baking the recipe for success that resulted in effective retailer collaborations that drove incremental sales and loyalty, millions of consumers loading Oreo Thins offers onto retailer loyalty cards and mobile offers, cohesive and consistent brand experiences throughout the consumer journey across a national online-offline campaign, and new Oreo franchise buyers growth, measured by a closed loop performance-based promo model, reinforced by working digital media.

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1:50 p.m. Eastern time
What it Takes to Win with Retail Media Networks
Speakers:Mike Ellgass, EVP Retail Media Solutions,IRI; and Abishake Subramanian, Senior Director and Head of Advertising & Partnerships,Sam's Club Media Group
This session will provide an insider's view of the Sam’s Club Media Group from Subramanian, and from Ellgass, part of the IRI technology team that helped architect the Sam’s Club ad products and measurement. Attendees will learn why some campaigns outperform while others fail to hit ROAS benchmarks, how retailers can bring a longitudinal view of shopper behavior to determine the post campaign impact and inform future action, and what skill sets are critical for the brand teams that work with retail media networks.

2:35 p.m. Eastern time
Networking Break

2:50 p.m. Eastern time
Non-Endemic Opportunities for Retail Media Partnerships: How to Accelerate Your Brand Growth and Awareness Using Retail Media Networks (Even if You’re Not a Vendor)
Speakers: Janine Flaccavento, SVP, Media Solutions, New Stream Media & eRetail Solutions, Merkle; andBrent Rosso, Retail Brand and Performance Marketing Leader
The Merkle team will lead a discussion on the approach that retailers are taking to develop non-endemic offerings how brands can fit this into their media strategy. Customers are the most valuable asset to any retailer’s business, and access to these people and their shopper data are increasing more in demand by brands. As more retailers and brands have started to realize the opportunity those assets present, we’ve seen a rise in retail media networks. There is, however, another player in this relationship, and that’s a brand that doesn’t sell directly through the retailer, but offers complementary products or services. These are known as non-endemic advertisers.

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3:20 p.m. Eastern time
Breakout Session. Attendees can interact with each other, discussing what they have learned about retail media over the two-day event.

3:40 p.m. Eastern time
Best Practices for Shopper Marketers and Media Buyers
Moderator:Jason Young, Digital Industry Expert
Panelists:Kasey Moss, Brand Director, CHOMPS; Katie Neil, Director, Connected Commerce, Coca-Cola; and Nicole Rainey, Shopper Marketing Manager, AMZ & Pure Play,Mars Wrigley
In this panel discussion, a trio of industry practitioners will discuss the ways in which leading brand marketing organizations are utilizing retail media networks as both an advertising tool and a sales driver to maximize what’s fast becoming a significant investment as well as a critical aspect of retailer collaboration. Included in the discussion will be how to capitalize on the core KPIs that are driving e-commerce; best-practice strategies for integrating internal teams, budgets, agency partners and retailer management; and tips for understanding platform-specific analytics to optimize performance.

Retail Media Forum partners also included Vestcom, an industry leader in technology-driven shelf-edge media solutions for retailers and CPGs.

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The Path to Purchase Institute, the event sponsors and the speakers look forward to your attendance. To view full event details and to register, visit