Reimagined P2PX Brings Learning, Community to the Digital Realm


Anyone looking for silver linings within the chaos of the last few months should consider the “fate” of the Path to Purchase Expo. After serving the industry as a live event for the last 30 years, P2PX has been completely reimagined to unlock the Path to Purchase Institute’s latest digital capabilities while meeting the evolving needs of today’s marketing professionals.

Similar to the ways in which marketing organizations have responded to the unexpected crises of 2020 with agility, flexibility and an energized focus on innovation, the Path to Purchase Institute has capitalized on the need to shift away from its planned “live” P2PX by creating a new virtual event that will deliver high-value access to quality learning, business-driving solutions and peer-to-peer networking like its in-person predecessor — and without the need for travel.

“Marketers have been listening to their shoppers more closely in these difficult times, and we’ve been listening more closely to our members,” explains Tanner Van Dusen, managing director of the Path to Purchase Institute. “They’ve guided us every step of the way as we’ve turned P2PX into an all-new digital event that can meet the current needs of our industry.”

From 3 Days to 4 Months
One of the key strengths of the digital world is, of course, the lack of time constraints. With the potential for learning just an arm’s length away at any time, there’s no reason to wait for a predetermined schedule months in advance to start an event. That's why P2PX will move beyond its traditional 3-day agenda to spread out the education and networking in more digestible amounts over a longer time frame.

P2PX will kick off on Aug. 6 with the first of six “Community Gatherings” that will bring together experienced thought leaders and subject matter experts to explore key areas in which brand marketers, retailers and their industry partners are rethinking go-to-market strategies and adopting new solutions to integrate with forever-changed consumer behavior. Attendees of these Community Gatherings, which will be held from August through early November, will be able to ask questions and connect with thought leaders in an engaging, interactive digital environment.


The content itself will reflect the reality of today’s marketplace, in which the knowledge that marketers previously had about consumers has changed, the ways in which brands connect with them has shifted, and the path to purchase is no longer determined by brands and retailers but by the shoppers themselves. Shopping has become an “anytime, anywhere” activity, and marketers must find ways to address this new reality.

That understanding will also drive the content being presented during the culiminating P2PX event, which will honor tradition by taking place over a 3-day period from Nov. 10-12.

The P2PX agenda boasts one-dozen informative educational sessions, including daily keynotes from leading industry experts, panel discussions with key brands and retailers, and informative presentations from top thought leaders. It also includes the Institute’s annual Hall of Fame ceremony, as well as a re-imagined Women of Excellence celebration sponsored by IN Connected Marketing.

All of the sessions will include interactive components giving attendees access to featured speakers, honorees and fellow attendees.

As always, the Institute is working with key subject matter experts from leading organizations to provide the content. Among them are:

  • The Mars Agency, the shopper commerce experts who joined with Erica Beilenson of Campbell Snacks to share insights on “Understanding Shoppers” in the first Community Gathering on Aug. 6.
  • IMS, who will use their merchandising expertise to help attendees understand the “Future of the Store” in the 5th Community Gathering on Oct. 15.

The new P2PX will also offer numerous opportunities for attendees to interact and connect with dozens of innovative solution providers through both virtual “booth tours” andcurated one-on-one meetings. The growing list of industry-leading companies includes Aki Technologies, Bedford Industries, Blue Chip Marketing, Fandango, GroundTruth, Product of the Year USA and PureRed.

“With the unprecedented transformation that’s taken place within our industry this year, marketers need to understand the solutions landscape more than ever before,” says Van Dusen. “Attendees of P2PX will be exposed to new methods of driving shopper engagement and conversion in unique, informative settings.”

Perhaps the most significant difference between the Path to Purchase Digital Expo and its live predecessors is the attendance fee: Professionals from brand and retailer organizations who register for the reimagined event will enjoy complimentary access to the entire agenda, including the six Community Gatherings leading up to the main event.

For more information, visit the Path to Purchase Digital Expo’s official website.