Reggie Case Study: “Snickers World Wrestling Entertainment at Dollar General”

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Reggie Case Study: “Snickers World Wrestling Entertainment at Dollar General”

By Michael Applebaum - 09/14/2020

Marketer: Mars Wrigley

Agency: Integer/TBWA

Reggie Category: Shopper Marketing or Retailer-Specific Marketing Campaigns (Silver)

In today’s discount retail environment, there is little room for differentiation between brands beyond price promotion. Thus, Snickers decided to give Dollar General shoppers something they loved but couldn’t easily access: a chance to engage directly with the superstars of the World Wrestling Entertainment organization (WWE).

After looking at shopper demographics, psychographics and purchase behaviors, Snickers concluded that entertaining experiences can be priceless for the Dollar General shopper. And while WWE over-indexes with this cohort, strict household budgets force them to be especially cautious when it comes to discretionary spending. Low-income shoppers prioritize the must-haves among their household needs and rarely have extra dollars to spend on entertainment and fun activities for their families, meaning they can only experience their favorite sport indirectly using their main touchpoint to entertainment: their mobile phones and the internet.

To bring the WWE to life, Snickers released bars featuring catchphrases from fan-favorite WWE Superstars. To ramp up excitement, Snickers ran DG-exclusive video and digital activations, leveraged DG influencers, featured a digital coupon and created custom displays to promote the bars in-store.

Moving value beyond price and product, Snickers also engaged Dollar General shoppers with an interactive chance to upload a selfie. Shoppers could choose one of seven over-the-top illustrated wrestling poses and unleash their superstar alter-ego into the world via social media. With each share, these alter-egos brought attention to Dollar General’s exclusive WWE Snickers Hunger bars, showing countless price-sensitive shoppers that there are some deals that they can’t put a price tag on.

The program drove awareness for Snickers’ exclusive WWE products and re-engaged lapsed brand buyers at Dollar General. It recorded a double-digit lift in brand sales at Dollar General and also exceeded confection category growth at the retailer by double digits during the promotional period.

Also won a Commerce & Shopper Effie Award in the Single-Retailer Program – Other category.

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