Reggie Case Study: “Joy Night In”

Marketer: Campbell Soup Co.

Agency: Spark Foundry Worldwide, The Mars Agency

Reggie Category: Innovative Commerce Marketing Campaigns (Bronze)

While 95.8% of all U.S. households have purchased at least one Campbell’s product, the brand has faced the challenge of overcoming lost shelf space as other soup and easy-meal options proliferate. The company needed to prove the brand’s relevance by reminding people that timeless, simple things are the best.

The “Joy Night In” campaign was designed to reach holiday enthusiasts who shop at Walmart by leaning in to the global trend of “Joy of Missing Out,” or JOMO – a proactive “switching off” to make more meaningful connections and relaxing times. This behavior is mirrored in the cultural phenomenon of holiday movie watching.

The program brought the Campbell Soup Co., Hallmark, PopSugar and Walmart together for a campaign that integrated the Hallmark holiday movie tradition with three iconic brands. The goal was to position Campbell’s soups as the must-have ingredients for seasonal weeknight meals and holiday entertaining. Capitalizing on how holiday enthusiasts like to spend their time during the season, the program gave them a reason to sit back and enjoy their favorite movie binge-watching occasion with their favorite soup.

As the destination for holiday movies, the Hallmark Channel established that “movie night in is better with a bowl of soup” through in-movie integrations, celebrity vignettes and movie/recipe pairing menus. Media outlet PopSugar provided lifestyle content, planning tips and influencer promotions to highlight all the ways these holiday enthusiasts could make a “Joy Night In.” Walmart rounded out the partnership with in-store and online executions that included front-of-store displays in 2,000 locations, in-store demos, a dedicated microsite and Google voice inclusion.

The Joy Night In program contributed to a year-over-year sales increase of 4% at Walmart for Campbell’s despite a decrease in overall category sales during the same period. In addition to increased media exposure and incremental display in stores, Campbell’s added 1.2 million soup buyers at Walmart.