Reggie Case Study: “IBM Watson Advertising and CVS”

graphical user interface, application

Marketer: CVS

Agency: IBM Watson Advertising

Reggie Category: Innovative Use of Marketing Technology (Silver)

In the U.S., many more people are open to getting a flu shot than actually get the shot. Data from Morning Consult and the IBM’s The Weather Company revealed that about 37% of Americans don’t get a flu shot, although 83% say avoiding the flu is important to them. In addition, 62% of Baby Boomers say they always get a flu shot, but only 23% of Millennials take the same action.

This was a huge opportunity for CVS and IBM to team up on a data-driven marketing campaign to encourage flu shot adoption. To reach and engage users in a contextually relevant environment, CVS sponsored a new feature in The Weather Channel app called “Flu Insights with Watson,” which alerted mobile users when they were most at risk of catching the flu. Artificial intelligence technology allowed the app to predict and provide alerts during increased risk conditions. Users then had access to an industry-first 15-day flu forecast that displayed the risk ranging from low to high, according to ZIP code. The experience also included illness prevention tips and the latest flu reports from the CDC to provide users with actionable insights.

Through the use of IBM’s predictive illness data, CVS was able to drive awareness and engagement ahead of CDC-reported flu activity and educate users on flu prevention in the moments that mattered. In addition, the Flu Insights with Watson sponsorship included a flu details page that served as a hub for flu-related tips and content, localized flu insights and contextual alerts that prompted user action.

This was a highly successful partnership for both IBM Watson Advertising and CVS. The mobile app garnered more than 42 million unique visitors and 644 million total ad impressions served with 68% viewability, exceeding internal by more than 120%. CVS-provided “Find Your Local CVS” messaging converting over 77% of module clicks. In addition, IBM ran an added value paid media campaign promoting the partnership, which amassed 6.7 million clicks and 8 million video views.