Reggie Case Study: “Game On: Winning the PC Aisle”

graphical user interface, application, website

Marketer: Intel

Agency: Arc Worldwide and Digitas

Reggie Categories: Shopper Marketing or Retailer-Specific Marketing (Silver); Experiential Marketing, Live or Virtual (Silver); Innovative Use of Marketing Technology (Gold)

Gaming enthusiasts are passionate and informed shoppers who are willing to pay a lot more for a high-powered gaming PC than most buyers — but only if they can experience the difference for themselves. Intel saw a huge opportunity to fill a gap in the retail experience. In most PC stores, the high-powered gaming PC looked exactly like every other computer.

Working with Arc Worldwide and Digitas, Intel created a new point-of-sale product, Gaming IPOS, a proprietary software that downloads directly onto retailers’ demo PCs. The application featured a first-of-its-kind detection engine that reads the Intel processor and unique gaming specs inside and instantly transforms that data into a custom gaming experience for every PC in the store. Gaming IPOS included dynamic visuals and exclusive gaming content for partner retailers, and allowed shoppers to play a game with real-time performance feedback to see exactly how the machine handled each move they made.

Since gamers do a ton of preliminary research online, Intel reached customers early with customized spec-needs banners and a website that offered the same deep dive. The brand also built partnerships with leading game developers to ensure that the demos the shoppers played in-store would be the same game types they would play at home. For added street cred, Intel participated in esports to bring the excitement of competitive gaming to aspiring pros through exclusive video content and profiles, including tips and tricks from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Gaming IPOS boosted PC sales for retailers around the world, sparking a 67% increase in purchase intent for an Intel gaming processor over other competitive gaming processors. An impressive 83% of shoppers who interacted with Gaming IPOS, and immediately purchased, chose an Intel processor. Gamers spent up to 7.8% more on an Intel gaming processor after interacting with Gaming IPOS; that’s a ground-breaking $156 per typical $2,000 gaming PC. And across all retailers, Intel saw a 14% increase in gaming PC sales over the competition.