RB, Walgreens Promote Neuriva Ahead of Launch

Tim Binder
Executive Editor
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RB reached out to Walgreens shoppers ahead of the April 2019 launch of the manufacturer's Neuriva brain performance supplements.

An ad in the retailer’s March coupon book, which hit stores Feb. 24, employed an “It’s time to brain better” message and touted the product as “Coming Soon.” A feature in Walgreens’ March 3 circular carried the same messages. Both also promoted pre-orders of the product at

Additionally, shelf blockers on health and wellness endcaps announced Neuriva as "Coming Soon."

On March 31 just prior to launch, the same coupon book ad also appeared in Walgreens’ April version of the book.

Upon launch, the product earned a feature on the front page of the retailer’s April 7 circular. The following week, an interior circular feature carried a bold “Now available” tag.

In some stores, Neuriva’s “original” and “plus” SKUs are stocked on opposite sides of a two-way floorstand near the pharmacy department.

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