Quip Rolls Out to Target

Cyndi Loza
Managing Editor, Member Content, P2PI
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Target is giving another personal care, digital native brand an in-store presence by exclusively stocking electric toothbrush starter sets from oral subscription service Quip.

Quip toothbrushes with metal and plastic handles recently rolled out to Target's 1,800-plus stores and Metal toothbrushes come in gold, silver, slate or copper colors while the plastic toothbrushes are available in blue or green. The plastic and metal toothbrushes are priced at $25 and $40, respectively, in stores — each is $10 more on and (The latter site offers a $10 discount on the toothbrushes if shoppers subscribe to a brush head and toothpaste refill plan.)

All toothbrush starter kits direct shoppers to, where users can sign up for a Quip subscription to obtain a new $5 brush head refill on a dentist-recommended three-month schedule. Shoppers can also opt to add an optional $5 Quip mint-flavored toothpaste to their subscription plan or purchase the items individually as needed.

In stores, Quip toothbrushes enjoy secondary merchandising space via dedicated endcaps outfitted with a header communicating the SKUs are “new at Target.” A feature in the retailer's Oct. 7 circular, a promotional page within, and Oct. 2 Instagram, Twitter and Facebook updates support.

Quip has always been eager to increase its access through retail, "but we were only willing to do so with a partner that understood how important it is to continue to help consumers maintain good oral care habits every day after purchase, and for life,” Quip chief executive officer and co-founder Simon Enever said in a press release. “We’re delighted that Target understands the health benefit that a Quip subscription brings to their [shoppers], and are excited to work together to create a unique experience that guides [shoppers] through the habits that make up a perfect oral care routine.”

Target's partnership with Quip comes on the heels of another deal to stock deodorants from Procter & Gamble's digital brand Native. The partnerships further the mass merchants strategy of giving digital native brands an in-store presence, as the retailer first did with the flagships of Bark and Casper Sleep.

“We strive to give [shoppers] a chance to discover new brands we think they’ll enjoy, with an element of exclusivity that gives them more reason to choose Target,” said Mark Tritton, executive vice president, Target chief merchandising officer, in an Oct. 1 “A Bullseye View” post. “We do this by developing our owned brands, curating national brands our [shoppers] know and love and partnering with emerging digital-first brands that our [shoppers] might discover for the first time at Target.”