Profile: Stephanie Wood, Team Leader, Omnichannel, Campbell U.S. Sales

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Profile: Stephanie Wood, Team Leader, Omnichannel, Campbell U.S. Sales

By Institute Staff - 11/20/2017
Photo by David Fonda

Stephanie Wood started her career in CPG marketing communications at two different food associations in Washington, D.C. Then during the first dot-com bubble, she worked for the marketing strategy arm of a venture capital company, helping to launch newly funded businesses. Wood went off and had her own agency for nearly a decade, working primarily with startups and serial entrepreneurs. She went back in-house for a better work-life balance once she had her daughter. Wood previously led global digital marketing and e-commerce for a regional specialty food retailer and Mars Inc.’s Mars Drinks, and she’s held shopper marketing, sales communications and e-commerce roles within Campbell Soup Co. She is thrilled to play a key role in growing Campbell’s omnichannel business.

Describe your current role and the function of your team.

WOOD: I’m team leader, omnichannel, for Campbell U.S. Sales. I’m responsible for developing our omnichannel strategy and capabilities. I work closely with our field sales teams to understand customer opportunities and bridge that with our core strategic and brand initiatives. I balance my time between ensuring we have core executional essentials for today and building out our future roadmap.

How does your company’s e-commerce team engage with its shopper marketing team?

WOOD: In our structure, our omnichannel customer leads primarily have shopper marketing backgrounds. They own the online business, planning and execute shopper tactics directly with the retailer.

How can brands – in general – take better advantage of the opportunities in e-commerce?

WOOD: Brands can win by understanding that in e-commerce, sales and marketing are not mutually exclusive. The more holistic the planning, the more congruent the experience for the shopper – which will translate into greater sales conversion. In today’s world, the “buy” should be enabled at every touchpoint, not just at the end of the proverbial “funnel.”

What does omnichannel mean to you as a marketer and a shopper?

WOOD: To me, it means that we are bringing the right solutions forward in a shopper-centric way based on how consumers prefer to shop. As shopper behavior changes, and the solution set continues to fragment, it’s critical that CPGs are providing the right items at the right time based on the shopper’s need state and trip mission. On the flip side, we need to partner with retailers to do just that.

What digital devices and services do you use most often, and how much of an omnichannel shopper are you?

WOOD: From a digital device standpoint, it’s mostly just my iPhone. I’m a gadget minimalist. I also have an Amazon Echo. From a general shopping standpoint, I primarily shop online, but appreciate the in-store return ease with retailers like Nordstrom and Gap. When it comes to grocery, I primarily order online, as well, but vary the retailer and fulfillment based on what’s happening with the family that week. My go-tos for speed and ease are FreshDirect and Instacart; for the bigger weekly shop I do ShopRite from Home for the selection. I’ll use or Amazon more for paper products versus grocery items.

How do you keep an ear to the ground in such an ever-changing digital landscape?

WOOD: I read a cross-section of everything to avoid tunnel vision – from industry publications to Fast Company to The New Yorker and everything in between. I also leverage my LinkedIn network for article discovery and curation.

What are the current and upcoming challenges or disruptors to e-commerce?

WOOD: The challenge is keeping up with the speed of evolving models and continued market fragmentation. We’re talking basics such as pricing and margins in this dynamic space, ensuring visibility on the endless shelf, and managing in-store impact, to more breakthrough predictive ordering, voice search and off-platform conversion enablers.