​​​​​​​Profile: Sarah Pomposello, Director of E-Commerce, Beiersdorf

Charlie Menchaca
Managing Editor
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Before moving into the e-commerce space, Sarah Pomposello was focused on club and value channels at Beiersdorf. At that time, the company recognized that there was much growth potential in all of these channels and needed to divide the responsibilities and concentrate more specifically on e-commerce as an emerging channel. The manufacturer also had begun investing in Amazon as a media channel, so it needed to focus even more on that account. All of those channels needed an internal voice compared to the typical mass, food and drug channels. Pomposello first became the national account manager for Amazon and then team leader of e-commerce. It pushed her to challenge, enroll, and test and learn.

Describe your current role and the function of your team.

POMPOSELLO: I am the sales director for the e-commerce channel. My team is responsible for managing the Amazon account and all other pure-play customers, as well as brick-and-click accounts, which are shifting more and more into an omnichannel, interconnected role within our account teams. In addition, we manage e-retailer content and digital shelf management.

How does your company promote digital innovation?

POMPOSELLO: We have been rolling out more and more mobile apps that are internal to Beiersdorf but similar to nationally known ones. This keeps us connected to what’s happening all around the globe and locally. You can pick and choose your specific interests. We also have monthly explore sessions, where we block out three hours to explore for ourselves. We offer the explore sessions for employees to join and learn more about digital topics such as content development or they can choose from many LinkedIn Learning sessions.

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How has your team’s work been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

POMPOSELLO: No surprise, but COVID has accelerated our business significantly this year. Not only have we seen growth with our pure-play accounts such as Amazon, we have also seen our share of business done through e-commerce (specifically buy online and pick up in-store) for our omnichannel customers increase across all channels. We have fast-tracked our focus to more channels including grocery, and are testing and learning new channels such as Instacart.

What does omnichannel mean to you as a marketer and a shopper?

POMPOSELLO: To me, omnichannel means a seamless user experience from start to finish encompassing in-store, online, mobile, social and call to action – basically all touchpoints.

What are your personal go-to digital devices and services?

POMPOSELLO: Most often, I use mobile and social media. I am easily influenced by reviews and comments and have made so many unplanned purchases while browsing through Instagram. Then, I am often disappointed in the customer service, but that is OK. It helps me learn how important it is to have a seamless user experience.

How can brands, in general, take better advantage of the opportunities in e-commerce?

POMPOSELLO: The e-commerce shoppers are here to stay. Start by focusing on the basics and the evolution will follow. This channel is constantly changing and it can be overwhelming to try and be an expert in everything right from the start. 


POMPOSELLO: Our team has been updating a digital roadmap to 2025. We cross-functionally developed a roadmap prior to this, but it certainly needed updating given this year’s acceleration. We have a clear roadmap on where to play, what to offer and how to win that helps us deliver a message across the organization on the strategic priorities we need to focus on and deliver.