Profile: Ken Krasnow, VP of Omnichannel Marketing, Henkel

a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera

Ken Krasnow has been enjoying his current role for five years, leading media, digital marketing, shopper marketing, national promotions, merchandising, packaging design and the consumer call center. Breaking down silos, reimagining the art and science of marketing via content strategies, data, technology and digital activation have been central to his work.

How have you or your team’s job responsibilities changed since the beginning of the pandemic? Have you picked up any skill sets?

Krasnow: We have become much more data-centric. Building our first-party data has become an even bigger priority. My team has accelerated their skills around CRM, data collection, analytics and cross-channel activation. Understanding the importance of various types of structured and unstructured data, deterministic and probabilistic data sources and the right technology for our priority use cases has been key. Plus, leveraging retailer media to build both brand equity and drive profitable sales is an increasingly important part of our marketing mix.

Smoothing the path to purchase for even more digitally savvy and immersed consumers is an even bigger priority. Our focus is on connecting national, retail and e-commerce consumer engagement via great cross-channel experiences. The big challenge is coordinating activity across walled gardens, owned channels and the open web. New technologies like clean rooms and deeper retailer and digital platform partnerships are more important than ever.

What is your team’s best accomplishment this year so far?

Krasnow: Through elevated creative and content, customized for cohorts and platforms, we have greatly improved return spend, brand awareness, trial and repeat purchase for our brands.

What’s the biggest opportunity your team has faced during this pandemic?

Krasnow: Shifting our focus, messaging and engagement strategies to be even more consumer-centric and agile. I am proud of what the team has been able to achieve toward those ends.

What is the future of shopper marketing?

Krasnow: Shopper marketing is now shopper media. Retailer media platforms built on rich, addressable shopper data sets are enormously powerful ways to reach shoppers throughout the purchase journey. Collaborating with retailer media groups to build persistent audiences, glean searing shopper insights, automate and optimize campaigns as well as conduct full-funnel measurement for even greater returns are the jobs to be done.