Profile: Gabe Mattingly, Director, E-Commerce Consumer Health, Bayer HealthCare

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Profile: Gabe Mattingly, Director, E-Commerce Consumer Health, Bayer HealthCare

By Chris Gelbach - 11/20/2017

Gabe Mattingly has more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing, starting with early-career agency roles at Carmichael Lynch and Gabriel deGrood Bendt. He then went on to digital leadership positions at Target and Amazon before spending four years in e-commerce management at Kimberly-Clark. Bringing his extensive retail and CPG e-commerce experience to a new industry, he took on a leadership role this year as director of e-commerce for consumer health at Bayer.

How did you end up in your current role?

MATTINGLY: I’ve been with Bayer a little over seven months and am super excited about the opportunity we have as an organization, in our category and industry, and with our consumers through the e-commerce channel. We have an opportunity to create great brands and experiences that help people in a variety of ways. That’s one of the reasons I was attracted to Bayer and came over from Kimberly-Clark, where I was doing much of the same work.

How are the challenges of your current role, with its focus on consumer health, different than those of your previous roles?

MATTINGLY: I think the challenges are somewhat the same. In a dynamic market, how do we position ourselves to serve our consumers in a better way? And how do we move at the pace of the market – or set the pace of the market, in some instances – so that we’re winning with consumers and our businesses are winning as well? Those are universal challenges, whether you’re applying them to a retailer or a manufacturer. In this case, we’re doing it squarely in the space of consumer health and trying to serve a solution to consumers who have something they need help with.

How can brands take better advantage of the opportunities that e-commerce presents?

MATTINGLY: One of the things we strive for is the ability to make decisions at the pace of the market. There are many decisions that come up in the space of a day or even a couple hours that need to be made. Big organizations sometimes struggle with figuring out how to enable those decisions or provide the right autonomy for those decisions to be made.

What is your approach to doing that successfully at Bayer?

MATTINGLY: We do a lot of work with our team to provide the right guardrails and align to specific KPIs. If you’re within the guardrails of what you are able to make decisions on and it aligns to the KPIs that we know drive our business, make the decision. And then we make sure that we’re measuring it so we can go back and change that decision if it’s working or not working. Change meaning double down on it – or change meaning that didn’t work, that’s fine, let’s go do something else now.

What does omnichannel mean to you as a marketer and a shopper?

MATTINGLY: As a shopper, it means I can get what I want in the form of information, content, comparison and I can buy anytime I want. It’s really a decision support and convenience play. From a marketing perspective, it means that we are enabling the right strategies, technology and tactics. This ensures that when consumers move across devices and channels, and consume content and create data in one channel, you can correlate that to their activity in another and confirm that those consumers are getting what they need, regardless of their physical location or device. I think omnichannel has really evolved quite a bit. We’re going to see more of the singular experience that just has to exist across devices and channels, made possible by data and technology.

What digital devices and services do you personally use most often, and how much of an omnichannel shopper are you?

MATTINGLY: I do a majority of my shopping research and management of anything I’m buying on my mobile device. I then also expect that I can return things anywhere I want to at any time. In the apparel space, it’s as if my home is the fitting room. The dynamic of how my shopping occurs has really changed. If a UPS guy shows up at my house every single day, then that is the new normal for my family and me. A majority of our shopping is occurring on our mobile devices, and we fully expect a truly integrated experience.

Where do you see e-commerce headed in the next few years?

MATTINGLY: I think that we’re going to continue to see consumers leverage e-commerce for categories that haven’t traditionally been heavily penetrated within e-commerce. We’re going to see more of the platform development, and more of a focus on the consumer with new and nuanced offerings. It’s going to be a lot of fun.