Profile: Dorothy Daniel, Associate Marketing Manager, E-Commerce, Nestle Waters North America

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Profile: Dorothy Daniel, Associate Marketing Manager, E-Commerce, Nestle Waters North America

By Erika Flynn - 12/01/2019

Dorothy Daniel knows there’s nothing more important than being able to communicate well. With a degree in English and communication and media studies, she began her career at marketing agency Epsilon on a project management track. Nestle Waters was its largest client at the time, and when that relationship was ending, she made the move to the client side and became the associate marketing manager of e-commerce, the position she still holds today. Her advice to others now is to get a strong foundation, and understand how to learn and problem-solve, and the opportunities will be endless. Daniel is one of three Women of Excellence honorees in the “Rising Star” category.

How has your role transformed?

Daniel: I initially reported into asset operations because they wanted content and e-commerce readiness to be closely tied to the folks making packaging changes since it’s all very linked in the digital space. Through a restructuring of the marketing department, I became part of the strategic growth channels group. The company had identified three priority channels it wanted to focus on from a marketing perspective and one of those was e-commerce. We’re all focused on e-commerce now and are more keenly aligned to growing it as a channel. It’s a growth engine for the company, so it’s a very exciting place to be.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Daniel: I’m responsible for the digital shelf for all brands at Nestle Waters. I work closely with our brand leads to make sure we have the appropriate assets to list our products with our customers on their websites, and with the sales team to ensure we can deploy those assets to the customers’ websites. It’s a cross-functional role because I’m supporting both sides equally. I sit in the middle as an expert to make sure everyone knows how we can best position ourselves to be successful in this space.

What has attributed to your success thus far?

Daniel: Having both agency and client side experience has helped me be a better agency partner to my team and also a better advocate to my brands as we’re working with agencies internally. The fact that I’ve been able to become a part of each team but also advocate on both sides has helped me gain the trust I need to be able to flow in and out as teams need specific e-commerce support – while still being able to get things done effectively.

How have you set a new standard for e-commerce?

Daniel: I feel very lucky to have been a part of the company’s e-commerce digital shelf evolution since the beginning. I first got involved in e-commerce because they came to Ryan Partnership [now Epsilon] seeking content to sell a very few products on Amazon. To see where the business is now is exciting. The channel and the team are both growing, and I’ve had a unique perspective watching how we can continue that growth as our capabilities have grown. I can push for us to do so much more now because it’s part of our daily work and a company-wide initiative.

Tell us more about the first mobile optimized hero images.

Daniel: We spent a lot of time building the basics at first, which will always be important. But this past year we were able to push the envelope. The mobile optimized hero images were something I’d seen in a case study, and they were drawing higher conversion rates. It’s been great to work with very talented creative agency partners in The Mars Agency who brought the visions to life. We created these assets, brought ourselves to the next level and timed it with the launch of Salsify so the ability to publish them for priority customers was significantly easier. I want to be a consumer-led marketer and this was one tiny step to make consumers’ experiences so much better.

What are you most proud of thus far?

Daniel: The launch of software automation with our partnership through the Salsify platform. From the day we got the green light from the organization to move forward with Salsify to the day we launched with our first channel, it was three months and that for Nestle Waters is really fast. It was exciting to have something that had the momentum and speed that the channel has. There’s so much untapped potential with this tool. Our foundation lives in a structured house and in a place where we can get it to customers efficiently, so we’ll keep moving forward from here.