Profile: Chrisie Fong and Tiffany Pratt, The Bountiful Co.

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Chrisie Fong, Senior Director of Shopper Strategy & Category Management

Chrisie Fong leads a large team across three critical functions in shopper marketing, category management and promotional analytics for the company. Tiffany Pratt leads the shopper marketing team in developing and implementing omnichannel solutions led by key shopper insights that deliver against both the brand and retailer strategies.

How have your team’s job responsibilities and skill sets changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Fong/Pratt: The shift to online shopping, delivery or buy online and pick up in-store increased dramatically at the onset of the pandemic. As the new shopping behavior emerged, the shopper marketing team explored new platforms that enabled conversion where shoppers were most present. This included retailer media platforms, shoppable media platforms, social commerce and behavioral targeting. The biggest skill the team has learned is adapting to change and having a learning mindset. Shopper marketing as we knew it before is gone and it’s been replaced by the omnichannel shopper, with the shift in shopper behavior to online and omnichannel. The ability to test, learn and continuously optimize was critical in the past year.

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Tiffany Pratt, Director of Shopper Marketing

What’s the biggest challenge/opportunity your team has faced during this pandemic?

Fong/Pratt: We recognized the blurring of lines across multiple functions, such as shopper marketing, consumer promotions, digital marketing, PR, e-commerce and marketing teams. As shopper behavior changed, so did the growth of new platforms like retailer media, social commerce and influencers. As an organization we recognized that we needed to connect with the shopper throughout the full funnel and be ready to activate, drive conversion and own the moments where the shopper is present. We broke down barriers across functions and really collaborated.

As the discipline of shopper marketing continues to evolve and new platforms get introduced, the biggest challenge/opportunity that many of us will continue to face in shopper marketing is structure, resources and learning those platforms. Hopefully it is more about the continuous end goal of getting closer to the shopper and less about roles/responsibilities, though that is needed, of course.