Profile: Cheyanne Woods, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager, Tyson Foods

a woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Cheyanne Woods has been with Tyson for more than 12 years as part of various teams and roles. She started in product management and worked her way through the company’s commodity businesses. The product management roles allowed her to dive into syndicated data and gain a better understanding of category dynamics, which she leveraged in a category leadership position supporting multiple grocery retailers before leading a category insights team supporting two major retailers. The category role led to her current position, leading the shopper marketing team supporting significant retail channels.

How have your team’s job responsibilities changed since the beginning of the pandemic?

Woods: Our job responsibilities remain the same with no significant change to the daily work, but there has been a notable mindset shift in the way we work. We had to endure shopper changes, supply constraints and vendor capabilities adjusting. We have also experienced increased flexibility. I became more aware than ever of the importance of team engagement and connection. I was able to get to know team members on more of a personal level.

What is your team’s top accomplishment for this year so far?

Woods: The pandemic really pushed us to think differently about how we reach our shoppers. I’m excited about how my team has tackled planning as we move closer to our next fiscal year. We are stepping out of our comfort zones and, in some cases, our typical drive times to determine objectives, expand our shopper reach and get the Tyson brands into more households.

What’s the biggest challenge your team has faced during this pandemic?

Woods: In my opinion, the biggest challenge was the uncertainty that came with the pandemic. As a leader, the health and safety of my team is most important. It’s about balancing the shift to working from home while staying positive and continuing to keep the team motivated and engaged while still driving results during such a strange time.

What is the future of shopper marketing?

Woods: Going forward, I believe we will continue to see digital experiences advance as shoppers are able to shop anywhere and at any time. However, in a world of personalization and opting out, it will be important for brands to continue to connect with shoppers emotionally.