P&G Encourages Giving Again in July brandSaver FSI

Procter & Gamble promoted its revamped, cause-focused rewards program in the July 2020 edition of brandSaver.

Distributed on July 5 via Valassis, the stand-alone insert's front page employed a "Let's Do Some Good" call to action to promote P&G Good Everyday, which officially launched on May 20. An introductory message read, "... your everyday actions and purchases of trusted P&G brands help support causes you care about while earning you rewards." A QR code linked to the program's hub on, and other QR codes for various brand savings appeared throughout. The front page also boasted of up to $103 in coupons (depending on the market) contained within.

The back cover continued to plug the new rewards program as a way to "Do Some Good" by purchasing P&G brands in support of aid for COVID-19, environmental and poverty causes, again employing a QR code to link to for program details.

Among additional activity: 

  • Braun's Series 7 shaving system promised $20 off and free shipping. 
  • Olay offered up to $9 in savings for SPF-infused moisturizer and directed consumers to for additional savings.
  • Pampers touted $5 in cash back through its Club savings app.
  • Gain's plugged new Oxi Boost and Febreze laundry detergent.
  • Safeguard pledged $10 million worth of hand soap towards COVID-19 relief. 

Brands including Venus, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Cascade, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Pantene, Tampax, Herbal Essences, Oral-B, Align, ZzzQuil, Dawn, Dreft, Bounce, Old Spice and Secret were also represented in the event.

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